Parking permits

About our resident parking scheme

It's often difficult to find a parking space, even in your own street. Council is working hard to improve parking for our residents and to increase the availability of on-street parking in the local area.

Resident Parking Schemes operate in parts of Randwick City; residents who live within the boundaries of a Resident Parking area can make use of the scheme by applying for a permit.

A Resident Parking Permit allows you to park free of charge, for an unlimited time, in the parking zone designated on the permit, in areas that are signposted ‘Permit Holders Excepted’.

Download an application pack

Who’s eligible?

To be eligible for a Randwick City Council Resident Parking Permit, you must demonstrate that you live in a residential property in a Resident Parking Scheme area, and prove your ownership or private use of the vehicle you’re seeking the permit for.

Parking permits are only issued for vehicles where off street parking is not available. We are unable to issue resident parking permits to non-residents, even if you are a ratepayer or business owner in our area.

Resident Parking Permits cannot be issued to long or heavy vehicles (from 7.5 metres in length and longer; and from 4.5 tonnes, and heavier), trucks, buses, tractors and trailers.

If you have more than three off-street parking spaces you will not be eligible for a resident parking permit. The number of existing permits already issued to the property will also decrease the number of parking permits you are entitled to. Properties approved by Council after 14 June 2013 may not be eligible – check your development consent or contact us for more information.

Parking permit areas

Randwick City Council operates the following Resident Parking areas:


  • CO1 (download map) PDF, 498.16 KB: Approximately bound by Acadia Street, Arden Street Moore Street, Major Street, Baden Street, Dolphin Street, Brook Street, Bream Street and Hill Street.
  • CO2 (download map) PDF, 569.68 KB: Approximately bound Dolphin Street, Brook Street, Alfreda Street, Arden Street, Dudley Street, Byron Street and Mount Street.
  • CO3 (download map) PDF, 470.31 KB: Approximately bound by Carr Street, Beach Street, Dudley Street, Asher Street and Waltham Street.
  • CO5 (download map) PDF, 606.23 KB: Approximately bound by Alison Road, Mount Street, Mount Lane, Byron Street, Carr Street and Carrington Road.



Maroubra Junction


  • RA1 (download map) PDF, 517.79 KB: Approximately bound by Alison Road, Bell Lane, Belmore Road, Clara Street, Hospital Road, Eurimbla Avenue, High Street and Wansey Road.
  • RA2 (download map) PDF, 657.48 KB: Approximately bound by Avoca Street, Eulalie Avenue, Wood Street, Dutruc Street, Pitt Street, Judge Street, Ada Street, Coogee Bay Road, Belmore Road and Avoca Street.
  • RA3 (download map) PDF, 591.19 KB: Approximately bound by Cowper Street, Avoca Street and Alison Road.
  • RA4 (download map) PDF, 419.95 KB: Approximately bound by King Street, Wentworth Street, Cowper Street and Alison Road.
  • RA5 (download map) PDF, 484.18 KB: Approximately bound by Botany Street, Magill Street, Hay Street, Barker Street, Young Street and Middle Street.
  • RA6 (download map) PDF, 586.55 KB: Approximately bound by Wentworth Lane, Challis Lane, Power Lane, Avoca Street, Market Street, Clovelly Road, Frenchmans Road, Cowper Street, Wentworth Street and Dangar Lane.
  • RA7 (download map) PDF, 525.31 KB: Approximately bound by Gilderthorpe Avenue, Carrington Road and Clovelly Road.
  • RA9 (download map) PDF, 546.29 KB: Approximately bound by Dolphin Street, Carrington Road, Coogee Bay Road and Judge Street.
  • RA10 (download map) PDF, 570.42 KB: Approximately bound by Pine Street, Fern Street, Clovelly Road and Carrington Road.
  • RA11 (download map) PDF, 617.32 KB: Approximately bound by Alison Road, Belmore Road, Clara Street, High Street, Eurimbla Avenue and Wansey Road.
  • SP1 (download map) PDF, 578.85 KB: The Spot - approximately bound by Cuthill Street, Coogee Bay Road, Dudley Street, Lee Street, Ivy Street, Howard Street and Avoca Street.

What you’ll need

In order for us to successfully process your application, you will need to provide proof that you live in an eligible property, proof that you are connected with the vehicle and (if relevant) proof that the car cannot be parked in other off-street parking space(s).

1. Proof you live in an eligible property

You must provide two of the following documents:

  • Current driver’s licence (with current residential address)
  • Current vehicle registration papers
  • Tenancy document in your name
  • Your name of the electoral roll
  • Utility bill (gas or electricity. Sydney Water not accepted)
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Home/contents insurance
  • Rental bond board receipt.

2. Proof you are connected with the vehicle

  • If the vehicle is in your name: You must provide us with the current vehicle registration papers.
  • If the vehicle is not registered in your name: You must provide the current registration papers; and a letter from the vehicle owner that confirms you use the vehicle; and it is normally parked at your home address; and the registration number of the vehicle and the vehicle details (make, model and type of vehicle).
  • If the vehicle is owned by your employer: You must provide a written statement from your employer on company letterhead that includes the businesses’ ABN that confirms you use the vehicle; and it is normally parked at your home address; and the registration number of the vehicle and the vehicle details (make, model and type of vehicle).

3. Proof the car cannot be parked in any other off-street parking space(s) – if applicable

You need to prove that the car cannot be parked in any existing off-street parking spaces by providing the registration papers for the other vehicle(s) at your home address.

How to apply

You can apply for a Resident Parking Permit:

  • In person: Print and complete an Application Pack PDF, 534.23 KB and visit Council’s Customer Service Centre (30 Frances Street, Randwick) with all required documentation. Our Customer Service Centre is open from 8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday. If approved, payment will be collected at the time of application (via cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card).
  • By email: Email a scanned version of a completed (and signed) Application Pack PDF, 534.23 KB to and include all required documentation (JP certified copies are not necessary). Once your application has been approved you will be contacted by a Council officer for payment.
  • By post: Print and complete an Application Pack PDF, 534.23 KB and post it, along with all required documentation (JP certified copies are not necessary), to:

    Randwick City Council
    30 Frances Street
    Randwick NSW 2031

    Do not submit original documents, they will not be returned. Once your application has been approved you will be contacted by a Council officer for payment.

Fees and charges

The following non-refundable fees currently apply for parking permits:

Permit numberPrice (GST exempt)
1st permit$47.00
2nd permit$121.00
3rd permit$210.00
Pensioner - 1st permit per householdFree
Replacement (lost or damaged) or transfer$21.00

Applicants who have the Pensioner Concession Card receive their first permit free of charge.

Important things to know

How long do parking permits last?

Randwick City Council resident parking permits last for 12 months from the date of issue.

How many parking permits can I have?

The maximum number of parking permits allowed per residence is three. However if you have existing off-street parking (eg. a garage or carport) available to you this number will be reduced.

Number of off-street spaces availableNumber of vehicles at the residenceMaximum number of permits that can be issued
03 or more3
13 or more2
23 or more1
3 or more

You are not eligible for a parking permit

What does the Council consider when reviewing my parking permit application?

Randwick City Council will review the number of garages, carports and other off-street parking spaces at the applicant's property. We will also assess whether the property can be reasonably modified to provide off-street parking facilities.

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