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We often answer similar questions relating to parking permits, road safety and other transport related issues, which we've included below.

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How close can I park to a corner?

Drivers cannot park within 10 metres of an intersecting road at an intersection without traffic lights (unless a sign allows parking). This ensures that when you are turning out of an intersection you can more easily see pedestrians and other traffic. It also ensure that trucks (including fire engines and garbage trucks) can access your area. (NSW Road Rule 170). The diagram below from the NSW Road Rules shows where parking is permitted at a typical T intersection.

Diagram showing parking control at  intersection with NO signals Parking controls at intersection with traffic signals

Ten metres is about two car lengths or ten long steps. At many locations where vehicles often park too close to intersections we have installed No Stopping signs to reinforce this road rule. However, it's important to note that you can still be fined for parking too close to an intersection even if No Stopping signs are not installed.

What is the difference between No Stopping and No Parking?

No Stopping means that you cannot stop your vehicle at all. No Parking means you can stop your vehicle for up to two minutes, provided that the driver stays within three metres of the vehicle. No Parking is commonly used for passenger drop off and pick up areas such as around schools and shops.

Can I park in a Loading Zone?

Only buses, trucks, station wagons* and vehicles specifically designed for transporting goods are permitted to use loading zones, for a maximum of 30 mins while loading or unloading;  *( station wagons have a 15 minute limit) ( NSW Road Rule 179 ).

Can I park on the nature strip?

You are not permitted to stop on a nature strip, dividing strip or painted island. Some motorists choose to park with two wheels up on the nature strip. This is also illegal and you can be fined. (NSW Road Rule 197)

Can I park on the section of my driveway between the gutter and my property boundary?

You are not permitted to park on the section of a driveway between the kerb line and your property boundary (NSW road rule 198).

Can I park across a driveway?

You cannot park a vehicle in a way that either partially or completely blocks a driveway. See diagram below.

Image regarding parking across a driveway

(NSW Road Rule 198)

If I have an injury or a medical condition can I park in a mobility (disabled person's) parking spot?

Mobility Parking sign

You can only park in these spaces if you display  a mobility parking permit, issued by RMS.  To learn more about the RMS mobility parking scheme click here.

How close can I park to a bus stop?

You cannot stop your car within 20 metres before and 10 metres after a bus stop. Twenty metres is about 4 car lengths and 10m is about 2 car lengths. Only buses are permitted to stop within Bus Zones or at Bus Stops. (NSW Road Rule 195)

A truck always parks in my street, is this allowed?

It depends on the size and weight of the truck. Vehicles longer than 7.5 metres or heavier than 4.5 tonnes generally cannot park in built up areas for longer than one hour. NSW Road Rule 200

A trailer / caravan parks in my street and never moves, is this allowed?

Trailers (eg. boat trailers, box trailers, caravans etc..) are defined under  Road Rule no.15 as vehicles. They may  be parked at any location, provided that there are no signposted or statutory parking controls at that location.

Last Updated: 25 October 2022
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