What is Bushland?

“bushland is land on which there is vegetation which is either a remainder of the natural vegetation of the land or, if altered, is still representative of the structure and floristics of the natural vegetation” according to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Biodiversity and Conservation) 2021.

Our bushland provides for local biodiversity, has inherent, aesthetic and cultural value, and performs essential ecosystem services like stabilising our coastline, cooling our city, or filtering our air and water. Without it, Randwick would not be the place it is today, and it is our responsibility to protect to support the wellbeing of future generations.

The work we do here in Randwick to preserve and enhance bushland is multifaceted and relies on an experienced team applying best-practice ecological restoration practices.

Bushland in Randwick City:

  • Provides an important living record of our natural history,
  • provides important ecosystem services,
  • preserves the areas' local identity and character,
  • contains the majority of local biodiversity, including many plants, animals, insect, fungi, and the ecosystems which sustain them,
  • provides a source of plants adapted to soils and climate and
  • provides natural surroundings where city people can connect with nature.

Bushland reserves

Bushland regeneration work is carried out in Randwick City Council reserves in accordance with bushland conservation plans. see this map for further information.

Bushland & Remnant Vegetation Map

Join Dan Hall as we adventure through the stunning Malabar Headland National Park to view our local wildflowers blooming in their natural bushland home.

Last Updated: 23 March 2023
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