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Getting permission to film in Randwick

Randwick City's coastal setting makes it a very attractive place for photography and film making. The rugged cliffs, extensive beaches and character filled buildings all capture the attention and imagination of the industry.

In support of Australian film and television, Randwick City Council has put in place processes to allow the approval for these activities in a fair and efficient manner.

"Australia's iconic film and television industry showcases the talents and creativity of our actors, writers, producers, directors and post-production workers. Australian film production is an important contributor to the nation's cultural life and continues to shape and develop Australia's national identity.

The Australian Government has a comprehensive package of measures aimed at boosting support for the Australian film and television industry." (quote from Federal Ministry of Arts)

The approval process ensures proposed filming and/or photography is suitable for the location, residents are notified where applicable, and that organisations have public liability insurance.


  • A completed Filming and still Photography Application Form PDF, 599.79 KB must be submitted in advance to Council. Low impact films and photography need to provide a minimum of 4 business days notice. Medium and High impact productions need to provide a minimum of 10 business days notice.
  • If your production is low impact and involves less than 10 cast and crew, there is no fee.
  • A crew over 11 will incur a fee as indicated on the application form.


Application process

See our Fees & charges.

Minor filming and photography application: if your production or photo shoot involves less than 11 crew in total and it is based in a park, beach or uses a footpath only, you need to complete our Filming and still Photography Application Form PDF, 599.79 KB, which requires at least 4 working days to process. The production should not require parking, traffic control or road closures and it should not affect pedestrians, businesses or residents.

Film production: all filming other than minor filming (11 crew or less) requires approval. You will need to lodge the Filming and Still Photography Application Form PDF, 599.79 KB Please submit this application within at least 10 business days to allow for processing.

All filming and photography need to provide a current Public Liability Insurance Certificate of no less than $20 million.

How to lodge the application

By BPOINT payment

Please put your receipt number on Page 1 of this form and email the application to: To make a BPOINT payment with your credit card visit and quote Biller Code: 1419415

By Mail

Lodge your application addressed to Randwick City Council by mail.

Post: 30 Frances Street, Randwick  NSW  2031

Over the counter

Lodge your application over the counter at Council with payment.

Our Customer Service Centre is open 8.30am-5pm from Monday-Friday for Courier or Personal Delivery.

Parking requirements

Council assesses all parking needs for productions requiring access to on-street parking.

For all on-street parking you must comply with the parking regulations. Applications must show the exact parking locations on a clear map, the parking restrictions and provide the registration details of vehicles parking on-street. Barricading/reserving of parking may be required in some areas, which must be carried-out by authorised traffic controllers.

In areas where parking is in high demand such as residential or business areas, you will need to relocate your unit base and transport your equipment to the film site. Please ask about suitable unit bases if you require further information.

If parking is approved by the City, you must:

  • ensure the location and parking of production vehicles meets the City's and any police requirements
  • ensure production vehicles do not arrive earlier than the time stipulated in the permit, particularly in residential areas
  • keep normal access for motorists and pedestrians through the filming unless otherwise approved.

Other authorities

Not all areas of the City are under our control. Some areas require permission from other authorities listed below.

Other approval

Notify the police: Medium and high impact productions particularly when parking on the street will need to notify the Police. Police who will want to discuss traffic control, user-pays police personnel and working around other activities that may be planned in the area at the same time.

Police must also be notified if the filming project involves firearms, police uniforms or any other law enforcement-related props.

Notify the neighbours

If you are filming in a residential area you will need to letterbox drop the area around your location letting the neighbours know about your production plans.


All filming and still photography should be in accordance with the Local Government Filming Protocol 2009

Last Updated: 12 December 2022
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