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How to update your address with us

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Change your mailing address

There are a few ways to tell Council your new address

Property owners and property managing agents

Strata managing agents and Owners corporation representatives

All requests must be in writing from the Property Owner or authorised person.

We cannot change an address over the phone.

All Rates Accounts must have a postal address.

Who can request a change?

Property owners - only the owner, or a person authorised by the owner, can change an address. The authorised person must provide evidence of their authority with the request.

If the Property is owned by a Company, please provide a copy of an ASIC Company statement, which shows the current directors.

Property owners are responsible for all outstanding amounts related to the Property.

Property managing agents - must complete the Managing Agency Declaration, on the form, or the request cannot be processed.

Strata managing agents and Owners Corporation representatives  please submit all Change of Address requests using the Strata Managing Agent and Owners Corporation Representative Form

Change your name

Property owners contact the NSW Land Registry Services to change the name that appears on your Rates notice. Council will be advised of the name change when it has been changed.

Debtor accounts

If a debtor name has changed, and is associated with a legal contract or lease, a new agreement is needed.

When someone dies

You can tell Council, of the death of a loved one, by supplying the following information to Council

by email:

or write or visit council at: 30 Frances Street Randwick NSW 2031

  • full name
  • most recent address
  • address of Property’s owned
  • a copy of the death certificate


Australian Death Notification Service

Council has partnered to use the Australian Death Notification Service.

This service allows you, to tell more than one Organisation of a loved one’s death.

The details you enter are checked by the Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.

Council will then be in contact with you.


Please visit the library to change your address or name.

Please take with you, a recent letter or bill, which shows your new address or details. To talk to us please call the library on 9093 6400

Last Updated: 21 March 2023
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