Multicultural overview

Catering to culturally diverse backgrounds

Randwick City is home to 104 different national or ethnic groups.

Our diversity policy encourages participation

Council has developed a Cultural Diversity Policy PDF, 50.63 KB which is designed to improve the participation of people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds in Local Government issues.

Advisory Committee

Our Multicultural Advisory Committee identifies and discusses issues affecting people from CALD backgrounds, and develops recommendations for Council's consideration.

Multicultural community events

Randwick City Council also coordinates a number of community events, and has trained a number of council staff to act as language aides.

Language Aids

Randwick City Council - Culturally diverse backgrounds

In order to assist the needs of residents who have English as a second language, a number of Council staff have been trained as language aides to provide assistance to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Council also has access to the Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS).

Council maintains close links with Sydney Multicultural Community Services  which assists newly arrived immigrants.

Brochures and web resources

Our information brochure, Services for People from a Multicultural Background, provides information on services to assist people culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

For information on multicultural services in the Randwick area please go to the LINCS community Information Directory. LINCS is a comprehensive on-line resource for all of NSW

More information

For further information on multicultural services in Randwick, please contact us.

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