Determining whether to approve a DA

Once the Assessment Officer has assessed the application, they prepare a report which is reviewed by a Senior Planning Officer. The application is then determined by one of the following persons or groups for either approval or refusal:

Issue of Determination

An approved DA usually has a number of conditions that you must satisfy. These are included in the Notice of Determination. Members of the public are able to view these conditions online or by requesting to view the DA register at Council.

If an application is refused, reasons why it has been refused are included in the Notice of Determination.

Post determination processes

If your development application is approved, but you wish to make some changes to the approval, you may apply to modify the consent by lodging an Application to Modify a Development Consent PDF, 190.06 KB with Council.

If your application is approved and involves any building or subdivision works, you will need to obtain a construction certificate prior to commencing work.

If you are dissatisfied with Council's determination, you may:

  • apply for a review of the determination by lodging a Request for Review of Determination Form PDF, 200.41 KB with Council (the request must be made in writing and the review determined within six months of the determination date); or
  • appeal the decision at the Land and Environment Court (the appeal must be lodged within 6 months of receiving your determination).
Last Updated: 7 November 2022
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