Public & corporate activity

Permission for corporate promotions & team building activities

Thinking of using Randwick City to launch a new product or undertake promotional activities? Or hold team building exercises in one of our parks or beaches? Learn how to get Council approval.

If you wish to use a park, beach or any open space managed by Council for a corporate activity or community event, approval is often required.

Types of public activity that require approval

  • Promotions
  • Team Building
  • Events
  • Formal gathering i.e. gathering of over 70 people
  • Amplified music and P.A systems

You can apply to undertake these activities by completing and submitting the Public Space Hire Application form PDF, 587.77 KB.

Council does not give exclusive use when an area is booked for public and corporate activities.  Even for large groups Council does not reserve specific area, except for major events.


Fees & charges


Randwick City has a diverse and active community providing an excellent place to launch a new product or undertake promotional activities.  This activity normally consists handing out products or pamphlets in a park, beach or street.  Council receives many requests to undertake promotions in the public domain, this activity requires approval.

Application Process

To be able to carry out the promotion of a product/service or undertake team building you need to apply by completing a Public Space Hire Application form PDF, 587.77 KB and pay the Application Fee.

As part of the process you will be required to provide a brief description of your activity and a site plan.

Public Liability Insurance

You are required to provide a current copy of Public Liability Insurance Cover with Council noted as an interested party to the amount of $20 million.


Allow a minimum of 10 Business days for your Application to be processed.

More complicated requests may take a longer time to be processed.

Amplified music and P.A Systems

Council does not allow amplified music or a P.A system to be used in our parks, reserves or beaches without approval.

With approval, we may permit the conditional use of amplified equipment for corporate events or a wedding ceremony.

We do not approve requests to play amplified music in a park, reserve or beach for a private party or BBQ.

There are laws that tell us what levels of noise are acceptable.  The factors include the type of noise, the level of noise and the duration.  Noise may affect us from day to day and noise that is acceptable to one person may be unacceptable to another.

Further information regarding noise pollution can be found here.

How to lodge the application

By BPOINT payment

Please put your receipt number on Page 1 of this form and email the application to To make a BPOINT payment with your credit card visit and quote Biller Code: 1394899

By Mail

Lodge your application by mail.  Address the application to Randwick City Council.

Post: 30 Frances Street, Randwick  NSW  2031

Over the counter

Lodge your application over the counter at Council.

Our Customer Service Centre is open 8.30am-5pm from Monday-Friday for Courier or Personal Delivery.

Types of public activity that don't require approval

  • Use of a park for a family picnic, barbecue or social gathering (informal gathering i.e a gathering of under 70 people with the purpose of socialising).

For this type of activity, the areas can be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

Amplified music and/or P.A systems requires approval and are therefore not permitted for this type of public activity.

Bookings are also required to hire sports facilities for commercial fitness training

Also if you would like to book a location for commercial filming or photography please click here.

Last Updated: 25 October 2022
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