Business use of public spaces

Commercial activities in a public space

All fitness trainers are required to comply with the NSW and Commonwealth government’s requirements for controlling COVID-19:

  • Maximum group size is currently limited to ten people (trainer and 9 others).
  • Keep at least 1.5 metres away from each other and other groups.
  • Avoid physical greetings such as handshaking, hugs or kissing.

RCC Approved Fitness Trainers

All trainers licenced by Randwick City can retain their training times and locations except for areas that have been closed. Currently, Randwick City Beaches have reopened. Commercial trainers are permitted to return to training on the beach.

Randwick City Council currently has a number of approved commercial fitness trainers who have been impacted by the changing rules due to the coronavirus. Trainers will be required to undertake their activities in accordance with the requirements listed below.

Non-approved Commercial Fitness Trainers

Due to the closure of indoor commercial gyms, a number of commercial fitness trainers have decided to train outdoors. Council will allow your training without formal approval and there will be no fees applied.

Trainers with an existing licence have priority in their current designated areas and the nearby area where they may have relocated due to the closure of their normal area.

With the aim of minimising noise, do not start any training sessions before 7.00am and select a training location as far away from residences as possible.

Essential Requirements for Commercial Fitness Trainers

All trainers must:

  • Hold a current Senior First Aid Certificate.
  • Have a current public liability insurance policy, which indemnifies Randwick City Council to a minimum of $20 million.

Exclusion zones

Training sessions can occur in any Council parks excluding the following:

  • Coogee Oval and surrounds.
  • Synthetic  turf fields and other sportsfields located in the Randwick local government area.
  • Any courts including basketball, netball and tennis courts.
  • No commercial fitness training will be approved in high activity areas and/or areas of cultural, environmental or natural significance.

Specific areas where fitness training activities are generally prohibited include the following:

  • Picnic sheds and benches.
  • The central terraces at Coogee Beach.
  • The terraces at Maroubra Beach.
  • All ocean pools.
  • Total ban on the use of public outdoor fitness equipment in parks and reserves.
  • Randwick Cemetery.
  • 20 metres from memorials.
  • 20 metres from any playgrounds or play equipment.
  • 20 metres from any public change room, toilet or kiosk areas.
  • Training on stairways and pathways including but not limited to the Coastal Walkway and Fred Hollows Reserve.
  • Within 100 metres of the Yarra Bay Sailing Club.

Prohibited activities

  • Aggressive and intimidating activities.
  • Excessively loud voice calls or instructions.
  • Amplified music or amplified audio (voice) equipment is not permitted.
  • The erection of any temporary structures.
  • The use of articles or any other activities which may affect the safety of the public and other users.
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