Occupation certificates

Ensuring buildings are safe to be occupied

An occupation certificate certifies that the building or nominated part of the building is suitable and safe to be occupied, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Why you need an occupation certificate

Before a new building or part of a building (e.g. additions to a building) can be occupied, and before commencing any change in a building's use, you need to get an an occupation certificate from the appointed Principal Certifying Authority (PCA), which may be Council or a private sector Accredited Certifier.

Certification criteria

Before issuing a certificate, key considerations are structural adequacy, fire safety and the health, safety and amenity of future occupants of the building. The PCA must also ensure that relevant development consent conditions and other regulatory requirements have been complied with.


Failure to obtain an occupation certificate is an offence which can result in substantial penalties, issue of notices and orders or legal proceedings.

Application form

In relation to development in which Council is the appointed PCA, the Occupation Certificate Application Form PDF, 171.08 KBshould be completed and forwarded to Council prior to/upon completion of the work and prior to Occupation.

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