Greening Randwick

Greening Randwick Committee

The Greening Randwick Committee was initially established over fourteen years ago with the primary objective of improving the vegetation / tree cover in the City of Randwick.

The Greening Randwick Committee is a general-purpose committee that meets regularly to review, comment and develop recommendations on policies, strategies, operational priorities and strategic objectives for project targets relating to:

  • Tree planting and tree management strategies
  • Bushland management
  • Public places
  • Private street gardens
  • Planning instruments (LEP and DCP)

The Committee provides a forum for representatives from the local community to assist with guiding policy direction, the development of feasible and viable actions and developing recommendations that can be implemented by Randwick Council.

View the Terms of Reference PDF, 121.97 KB for the Greening Randwick Committee.


The Committee is comprised of Councillors, Council staff and 4 local community representatives.

Meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes are taken to record the agenda items discussed and actions arising. The recent meeting minutes of the Greening Randwick Committee are presented below.

Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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