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Private ceremonies in Randwick's public places

The City of Randwick has some beautiful locations for a wedding ceremony or other formal events. We are happy to assist in finding a suitable location for your special day.

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We have many spectacular beaches with views along the coast as well as large beautiful Parks. To find out more about our Parks and stunning Beaches please visit:

Application Process

If you are planning a wedding, christening or naming day in Randwick City please fill out the Public Space Hire Application Form PDF, 587.77 KB and return it to Council with the Application Fee indicated on the form.

Minimum notice periods of 10 business days are required to allow your application to be processed.

Fees and Charges

You must only pay the application fee when submitting the application form. The park or beach hire fees will be invoiced upon approval of your application to hire the space.

Fees & charges

How to lodge the application

By BPOINT payment

Please put your receipt number on Page 1 of this form PDF, 587.77 KB and email the application to To make a BPOINT payment with your credit card visit and quote Biller Code: 1394899

By Mail

Lodge your application by mail.  Address the application to Randwick City Council.

Post: 30 Frances Street, Randwick  NSW  2031

Over the counter

Lodge your application over the counter at Council.

Our Customer Service Centre is open 8.30am-5pm from Monday-Friday for Courier or Personal Delivery.


No public liability insurance is required.


When submitting an application you will be required to select a venue.

Once your booking is confirmed and the approval letter is issued, the City of Randwick will ensure that the booked area is clean and tidy.

Confirmation of booking and payment

Your application will be reviewed and assessed by the City of Randwick. You will be notified in writing if your booking has been approved.

You will be advised of the payment details in the acknowledgement letter you receive. Payments can be made by Bpay or by sending a cheque.

Weddings frequently asked questions

Do I need to make a booking?

A booking is required for ceremonies in the City of Randwick parks and beaches. An approval entitles the hirer to the use of a nominated section of the park/beach for the specified time. You will need to provide the time you will be arriving for set up. Whilst we provide a scenic venue on this special day, the City of Randwick does not play any role in organising any aspect of your event such as celebrants or signing tables.

Do you fence a section off for the ceremony?

Council will make a reservation for a specified area of parkland for your wedding. The Crown Land (Reserves) Act, however, does not allow for exclusive use of the area or for an area to be physically cordoned off from the public.

Am I allowed to erect a temporary structure?

A temporary lightweight structure can be erected for the period of the booking. The maximum size is 5X5 metre.

Structures cannot be pegged to the ground and must be flat base or water/sand base.

A 4.5 m radius protection zone must be adhered to around all trees within the City of Randwick. Structures must remain clear of this zone.

Does the City of Randwick provide tables and chairs?

No, you will need to arrange for the provision of tables and chairs. The City only provides the space for your wedding.

Is there an electrical power source we can use in the parks?

There is no provision for electrical power in the parks. You will need to make alternative arrangements if you require a public address system (PA). Please note: no amplification over 72 decibels is allowed within the parks or beaches.

Can you drive the bridal car into the park?

No. Cars (including bridal vehicles) are strictly prohibited from entering or remaining in the park or beach.

All vehicles must be legally parked at all times.

What if it rains on the day?

The possibility of inclement weather needs to be taken into account when making a booking. The City of Randwick does not provide wet weather alternatives.

Can I use confetti or rice?

No. The use of confetti in parks and beaches is prohibited as it is considered to be litter in the park. The use of rice is also prohibited as it attracts animals such as possums, the numbers of which are already unsustainable in inner city parks.

Where can wedding guests park?

Car parking in proximity to parks and beaches is limited and you may wish to advise guests to use alternative modes of transport.

What if other events are on at the same time as my wedding?

The City of Randwick plays host to many events, whether they are in Parks and Beaches. The City of Randwick is not responsible for advising you of any other events that may be held in and around your booked area on your wedding day. We will of course, refuse any bookings in the area of the park or beach that coincide with your wedding. There are certain events, however, over which we have no direct control.

How and when do I pay?

Please put your receipt number on Page 1 of this form PDF, 587.77 KB and email the application to To make a BPOINT payment with your credit card visit and quote Biller Code: 1394899

Do I need to organise any insurance?

The City of Randwick has an open public liability insurance policy, which provides cover for claims arising from the specified event. Please make sure you have read and complied with the Terms and conditions and that you have indicated all aspects of your event or activity on the application form.

How do I make a booking?

You make a booking by lodging the Public Space Hire Application Form PDF, 587.77 KB. Upon submitting the application an event coordinator from the City of Randwick will be in contact to confirm.

Are we allowed alcohol?

You must comply with the alcohol restrictions applicable to the particular location. All beaches in the City of Randwick do not allow alcohol consumption.

Last Updated: 25 October 2022
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