Trees and Development

Building a future with trees

When any development work is undertaken on a property, there is potential for trees to be adversely impacted. Trees on private property, either on the site subject to the development or within adjoining properties, as well as street trees, need to be considered when assessing a development application.

The impact of development on established trees is assessed as part of the development application process. This requires the lodging of a Development Application PDF, 423.53 KB and not a Tree Permit Application PDF, 611.31 KB or a Development Application for Tree Works PDF, 612.18 KB.

Tree planting alternatives

Replacement planting is generally a condition of approval for Development Applications.  Replacement trees must be an advanced approved species, planted and maintained to maturity.

Where there is insufficient space for replanting an advanced tree, the applicant will be required to provide offset planting on public land.  This is to be undertaken with council's supervision.

Tree management technical manual

To help co-ordinate and facilitate the proper management of trees on both public and private property and to ensure that appropriate tree care standards are complied with in the maintenance and management of tree assets, Council has produced a Tree Management Technical Manual.

This manual is intended to be used as both a regulatory and reference document by Council officers, Council operational staff, contractors, property owners, strata managers and developers in relation to all tree management and maintenance procedures.

It defines the technical standards and specifications necessary for the proper management of trees - particularly in relation to urban development and construction works - while at the same time providing recommendations for a range of works associated with tree management in our urban environment.

Last Updated: 16 March 2023
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