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For information about sports fields in neighbouring council areas, visit the Woollahra or Waverley Council websites.

Please note: Sydney is has been experiencing severe drought during 2019 with warmer than average temperatures and below average rainfall conditions expected for the coming months. In response to these conditions, Sydney Water has implemented water restrictions to limit water usage. Water restrictions are currently at Level 2 and are expected to be escalated to Level 3 by July 2020.

Council has applied for exemptions under these restrictions to ensure our open spaces receive as much water as possible. Currently, Council is allowed to water sports fields and certain parks for a total of ten minutes per field, three days a week. This equates to a drastically reduced amount of watering as opposed to normal conditions. Consequently, there has been a visible deterioration in the health of grassed areas as the dry conditions reduce the amount of grass coverage.

In many instances, Council uses bore water and storm water to irrigate fields. However, these water storage systems have potable water top-up facilities, which means that the water is considered potable and subject to the restrictions. Council also has vehicle-mounted water tanks which are filled with bore water and used to water street gardens and to establish turf. Council has invested in water recycling over many years and will continue to seek to use sustainable water sources.

Council understands the importance of high quality open space areas and will seek to provide the best facilities possible whilst being responsible users of water. As the drought intensifies across Sydney, the condition of sports fields, parks and reserves will continue to deteriorate as the dry conditions further affect plant health and growth.

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