Your voice on Council matters

Since 1995, residents across Randwick City have partnered with Council to run regular community meetings, known as Precinct meetings, to have a voice in local matters.

Precincts are open to everyone in the area, you don’t need to sign up to attend – just by living in Randwick City you’re already a member!

You can attend your local Precinct meeting any time to meet your neighbours and discuss local issues or raise a motion for debate. Meetings are typically face to face, held monthly or every second month, and are run by a volunteer chairperson and secretary elected by fellow residents.

We support the Precincts by sharing information, providing modest funding and responding to resolutions passed at meetings.

You can learn more about the Precinct's and which precinct you are in by visiting our Precinct Meetings page.

Last Updated: 12 October 2022
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