Affordable Housing Contributions

Kensington & Kingsford Town Centres

Providing affordable rental housing is a key part of the Kensington and Kingsford town centres planning strategy. It helps:

  • ensure lower income households continue to live and work locally in the Randwick LGA
  • facilitate a socially diverse and inclusive community
  • support the economy

Affordable Housing Contributions Scheme

As part of the planning strategy and Randwick LEP 2012 an Affordable Housing Contributions Scheme applies across the two town centres. When development consent is granted, developers must contribute to an affordable housing levy (Clause 6.18 of Randwick LEP 2012). “Excluded development” is exempt from the payment of the levy.

This clause should be read with the Kensington and Kingsford town centres affordable housing plan  PDF, 816.31 KB(adopted on 10 December 2019). The plan outlines how we will manage the scheme, operational details and who is eligible for tenancy.  And the types of development which are exempt from a levy.

What is a contribution?

Contributions include:

  • an in kind contribution - a built unit (with a minimum total floor area of 50sqm) to be used as affordable rental housing with any remainder being paid as a money contribution or
  • a money contribution to be used for boarding houses and serviced apartments

Contribution rates

As of 13 August 2022, the affordable housing contribution rate is 5% of the total floor area of the development used for residential purposes. Total floor area is defined in clause 6.18 of the Randwick LEP 2012.

For monetary contributions, the equivalent affordable housing contribution rate of 5% for residential uses is $593.75 per sqm (until 30 June 2023).

The monetary contributions rate is indexed twice a year in January and July according to the Kensington and Kingsford Town Centres Affordable Housing Plan PDF, 816.31 KB

The plan also provides information on how to make payments.


The scheme aims to provide about 200 affordable rental units for low to moderate income households within the town centres over the next 15 years.

More information

Contact the strategic planning team on 9093 6992 for further information.

Last Updated: 16 March 2023
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