Compliance & enforcement

How we ensure proper building standards

All building work, demolition work and the use of a premise requires the relevant planning and building approvals to be obtained beforehand, in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, unless the particular work or use is of a minor nature and is classified as Exempt Development.

Failure to comply may incur penalties

Failure to obtain the relevant planning and building approvals or certificates is an offence, which may result in significant penalties and issue of a notice and order by Council.

Before doing any building work or renovations, owners and building contractors must have the necessary approvals and certificates, and ensure that all conditions and requirements have been met.

If there is unauthorised development or building work at your premises, write to Council giving details and ask for advice to resolve the situation.


It is an offence to carry out building work or development without the necessary development consent, construction certificate or other approval.

It is also an offence to carry out building work which is not in accordance with the development approval, complying development certificate, construction certificate or conditions of consent.

These offences are taken seriously by Council, as they undermine the integrity of the approvals process, result in sub-standard construction and may have a detrimental impact upon the safety and amenity of the occupants, nearby residents and the local area.

Fines and demolition orders

The Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, sets penalties of up to $1.1 million for unauthorised or non-complying development. Alternatively, Council can issue an on-the-spot penalty infringement notice for each offence up to $1500 for an individual and $3000 for a company.

Council can also order demolition or removal of any unauthorised building work, or order full compliance with development approval, conditions and the approved plans.

Enforcement of non-compliance penalties

For details about enforcement see Council's Enforcement Policy.

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