Off leash dog areas

Leash-free dog exercise areas in Randwick

Randwick City Council encourages the use of a number of its parks and open spaces for dog exercise and 14 areas are designated to allow you to exercise your dog off the leash at any time of the day. These areas are detailed in Council's dog exercise areas and its You and your dog PDF, 328.8 KB brochure and below.

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Look for the signposts

Off leash dog areas are clearly signposted and describe where dogs may be exercised on and off leash. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when they are not in a designated leash free area.

Dog walkers are reminded that even when a dog is off leash it must remain under effective control at all times and must not become a nuisance or impact on the enjoyment of other park users.

Where dogs can't go

Dogs are not permitted in the following places, even if they're on a leash:

  • Council's beaches
  • rock pools
  • schools and pre-schools
  • children's playgrounds
  • shopping centres
  • playing surfaces of sports fields

Letting your dog onto a beach or rock pool is illegal and can attract fines.

Pick up your dog poop

The law requires that you must dispose of dog poo in a suitable manner. For your convenience, Council has provided dog litter bins so you can dispose of your dog's poo. Penalties apply for not immediately removing dog poo from a public place.


Penalties apply for failing to remove dog poo and for allowing a dog to be unleashed outside of a leash free dog exercise area.

Off-leash dog parks map

This map shows the location of off-leash dog parks within Randwick City Council. Note there may be areas within the parks where dogs can't go, for example within 10m of a playground. Please check signs at the park.

For mobile users please visit the full Off-leash dog parks map for a better experience.

Last Updated: 25 October 2022
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