Heritage conservation areas

What is a conservation area?

Often it is not just a single house or building that is identified for heritage listing. A heritage conservation area is a precinct, streetscape, group of buildings, landscape, suburb or town with particular heritage values that give it a distinct identity. These heritage values can include historical origins, subdivision pattern, and consistency of building materials or the common age of its building stock. View Randwick's inventory of heritage items.

In addition to heritage items listed on the inventory, Randwick also has a number of heritage conservation areas:

State Heritage Register

To check properties in Randwick City which are listed on the State Heritage Register, you can search the online database (State Heritage Inventory) which is maintained by the Heritage Branch of the NSW Department of Planning.

To search for the Randwick heritage items:

  1. use the drop down arrow to select 'Randwick' in the Local Government Area field; then
  2. use the drop down arrow to select 'Heritage Act - State Heritage Register' in the Heritage Listings field.
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