Driveway markings

Clear lines can stop cars blocking your driveway

Some inconsiderate motorists are unable to appreciate how blocking a driveway can create significant concerns for the impacted residents. Under new powers given to local councils we may now have authority to remove a vehicle that is illegally blocking a driveway.

One option which residents may wish to consider is applying for driveway linemarking delineation. Application can be made to Council to mark driveway lines to better delineate the driveway and discourage illegal parking. Please note that this option only serves to better highlight the driveway. A vehicle parked over the line would still be subject to the usual rules and penalties that apply to obstructing a driveway access.

To make application for this service the resident must complete an application form and pay the applicable fee.

The application form for driveway delineation is available here.

Driveway linemarking has worked well for some residents. It generally improves compliance with regard to vehicles parking legally over the edge of a driveway. However, there are no guarantees that the linemarking will provide an absolute solution at all locations. Compliance ultimately comes down to the behaviour of individual motorists.

Last Updated: 19 December 2022
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