Section 10.7 certificates & other property searches

You can find out how land is zoned in a number of ways:

For formal written advice, you will need to apply for a Planning Certificate. A Planning Certificate issued under Section 10.7(2), previously known as Section 149(2) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, provides details of the zoning and information about relevant planning controls.

Additional information on matters such as whether the site is in a foreshore scenic protection area and tree preservation orders can be obtained by requesting this information under Section 10.7(5), previously known as Section 149(5) of the Act.

Section 10.7 certificates can be obtained by:

The certificates are produced within four working days of application being lodged. If lodged online, the certificates are produced within three working days. Upon receipt, all certificates can be produced within twenty-four hours by payment of an urgency fee.

In addition to the above, the online service can be used to apply for these property certificates:

  • Section 10.7(2), previously known as Section 149(2)
  • Section 10.7(2) & 10.7(5) Advice, previously known as 149(2) & 149 (5) Advice
  • Section 603
  • Section 121ZP & Section 735A - Certificates - as to Notices & Orders
  • 88G Certificate (No Inspection)
  • 88G Certificate (Inspection Undertaken)
S10.7 Certificate Attachments, previously known as S149 Certificate Attachments

The following attachments will be included where applicable in a S10.7 certificate:

Property/Plan searches

If you require information about previous development or building consents and any related plans, or for any general property search, you can apply to Council to search its records and provide this information using the Request for Search Form.

Change of address

In accordance with the adopted policy and Australia Post rules, Council is the ultimate authority for house/property numbering approval. You can apply for a change of address using the Application Seeking a Change of Property Address Form.

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