Bike routes in Randwick

Cycling Map of the Randwick City area

Randwick City Council has a fantastic cycling and walking map.  This map details on-road and off-road bike routes, hills, bike parking locations and local bike shops.  It also details walking routes including the Council's famous coastal walk.

Call 1300 722 542 or email to have a map posted to you. Alternately drop into one of the Council's libraries or to our main office at 30 Frances Street, Randwick and pick up a copy today.

The map can also be downloaded in three sections for easy reference. You can download the northern  PDF, 1244.59 KB, central  PDF, 1284.14 KB and southern PDF, 1689.91 KB  portions of the map in A4 format.

Useful information about cycling tips and rules, bicycle user groups, bike shops, bike parking and walking and cycling clubs can be downloaded here PDF, 4806.32 KB

Randwick City Council's Bicycle Plan

Randwick City Council's Bicycle Plan identifies existing and proposed key bicycle routes in the City of Randwick.

The Bicycle Plan is designed to:

  • improve links to key destinations within Randwick City, such as the University of New South Wales, Coogee Beach, Maroubra Beach and Heffron Park;
  • identify a network of on- and off-road cycle paths and shared paths that can be used by the whole community; 
  • establish a practical works program for cycling infrastructure with priorities for construction; 
  • link in with the Bike Plans of our neighbouring councils in the Southern Sydney Region of Councils. 
Here is a map showing the Bicycle Plan Route Priorities:

Children's Bicycle Facilities - "Pedal Park"

The Council's main bike facility for young children is in Jersey Road, on the southern side of Heffron Park, opposite Gainford Avenue, Matraville. This place is known as "Pedal Park".  It has a network of small roads with lots of traffic signs and traffic lines.  It can be used as a safe, fun location for riding kids' bikes or can be used as a place to help older kids to better understand the road rules. Link to Heffron Pedal Park

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