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This stock list is accurate as of June 1.


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Plant of the Month

The plant of the month for June is Melaleuca 'Claret Tops', also known as Honey Myrtle. A colourful, compact shrub growing to around 1m high and 1m wide, with fine red-tipped foliage. Small flowers appear throughout spring in abundance. Grow in full sun to light shade, in well-draining soils. Tolertates light frost tolerant once established. Prune regularly to maintain shape and density. Can be hedged informally or formally. Great for container growing, colour contrast, year-round colour and bonsai.

Potting Mix and Mulch

The nursery stocks native potting mix in 25 litre bags for $11 each. This potting mix is perfect to use for growing your native plants in pots. It also contains a slow release fertiliser and a re-wetting agent.

We also stock cypress mulch in 40L bags for $11 each. Mulch is great in suppressing weeds and helping retain soil moisture.

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