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This stock list is accurate as of 31 December 2018. Please contact the nursery to confirm availability via

Email: or
Phone: 02 9093 6250.
Stock List January 2019  PDF, 485.43 KB

Plant of the Month

Each month the nursery features a native plant which is looking great and is available now. The plant of the month for January is Melaleuca thymifolia, or Thyme Honey Myrtle, a compact shrub to 1m high with feathery mauve flowers in spring and summer. Grow in full sun to part shade in reliably moist, well-drained soils. Prune lightly after flowering to keep compact. Great for habitat and coastal gardens.

Thyme Honey Myrtle

Potting Mix and Mulch

The nursery stocks native potting mix in 25L bags for $11 each. This potting mix is perfect to use for growing your native plants in pots.

We also stock cypress mulch in 40L bags for $11 each.  Mulch is great in suppressing weeds and helping retain soil moisture.


Would you like to grow your own vegies? The nursery stocks vegie seeds for $2 a packet.

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