Significant Tree Register

Protecting our heritage

Significant trees are listed on our Significant Tree Register.  The Register identifies and recognises the importance of significant trees in our area and is used to guide their management to ensure their protection for the future.

A secure future

All trees listed on our Significant Tree Register require development consent to either significantly prune or remove.  This is in addition to the usual process of simply lodging a Tree Permit Application.

This ensures that the whole range of important heritage and historic values associated with any tree, or group of trees, listed on the Register are taken into account whenever they are assessed for pruning or removal.  This more detailed process affords them the added protection they require.

The Register is divided into four volumes:

Volume 1 - Significant Trees in Public Parks and Reserves (Randwick City Council)
Significant Tree Register - Volume 1 PDF, 2905.87 KB 

Volume 2 - Significant Street Trees (Randwick City Council)
Significant Tree Register - Volume 2 PDF, 1787.6 KB 

Volume 3 - Significant Trees: Other Government authorities, Instituational, Religious and Non-government Organisations
Significant Tree Register - Volume 3 PDF, 5289.03 KB 

Volume 4 - Significant Trees under Private Ownership
Significant Tree Register - Volume 4 PDF, 3573.58 KB 
Significant Tree Register - Appendix I PDF, 57.46 KB

Last Updated: 16 March 2023
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