Electric vehicle charging stations

Eastern Suburbs Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network

Electric vehicle charging station

Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick Councils in Sydney’s eastern suburbs are installing public on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in key locations accross the region. These are the first on-street public charging stations of this type in Sydney, and first local government-backed on-street charging infrastructure in NSW. The project is part of a jointly funded 3-Council Regional Environment Program.

Where are the charging stations located?

Further sites will be added to the EV network as uptake of EVs grows.

What types of chargers are installed?

The 3-Councils are primarily installing and facilitating the installation of 7-22 kW AC chargers on kerbsides and street poles. These chargers require drivers to bring their own Type 2 cables (readily available online or from EV dealers) and follow instructions on the station and via the Chargefox App. All electric vehicles sold in Australia are compatible with these chargers.

How are locations selected?

Charging station locations are selected to maximise usage and community benefit. Some of the following factors are considered when selecting sites:

  • Access to nearby beaches, parks and shops.
  • Proximity of apartment buildings or dwellings without off-street parking.
  • Availability of electrical infrastructure (such as suitable wooden power poles), parking spaces, lighting and footpath space.
  • Locations of other public charging stations.

You will be able to find station locations via the Chargefox app, which also tells drivers whether the plugs are “available” or “in use”. Charge stations are also listed on PlugShare.

At each site, the location of the charging station will be clearly marked and signposted.

How fast do they charge?

Electric vehicles will typically accept between 7 and 11 kW of charging from AC chargers (check your electric vehicle’s specifications to find your AC charge rate). An electric vehicle charging at 11 kW will gain around 60 km of ranger per hour.

All council operated charging stations are powered by 100% renewable electricity.
The 3-Councils are also working to facilitate the installation of fast chargers in public and private carparks.

How does charging work?

Using the charger requires a Chargefox RFID card or the Chargefox app.

To use the charger:

  1. Activate the charger using a Chargefox RFID card or the Chargefox app.
  2. Plug your cord into the machine.
  3. Press the green button.
  4. Please ensure the cord is carefully placed to avoid a trip hazard for pedestrians.
  5. When your vehicle is charged or you wish to leave the station, press the stop button, unplug your cord and continue on your journey.

A flat fee of 42c per kWh (inc GST) is charged to cover Council’s electricity and maintenance costs.

Chargefox support number is 1300 518 038.

What Parking Rules Apply?

Electric vehicle charging spaces are for electric vehicles only while charging, meaning the only vehicles which can park here are electric vehicles which are plugged in.

Non electric vehicles (or electric vehicles not charging) which are parked in these spaces could incur a fine (Disobey No Parking). Charging is demonstrated by the charging cable being connected from the vehicle to the charge station.

If you do encounter the wrong vehicle parked in this space, prohibiting EVs to park and charge, you can report it to Randwick Council’s Customer Service Centre on 02 9093 6000 or 1300 722 542. Or email: council@randwick.nsw.gov.au

Why are the Councils installing chargers?

The uptake of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is rapidly increasing as vehicle prices continue to fall, more major car manufacturers launch EV models and Federal and State Government provide incentives to make EV more affordable. The Eastern Suburbs is a hotspot for EV uptake with the numbers of vehicles doubling on our roads every year. The demand for these cleaner, more efficient vehicles has led to greater demands for publicly available EV charging infrastructure. This is especially the case in the Eastern Suburbs, where more than 60% of residents live in multi-unit dwellings or rent, and many of which do not have access to garages or car ports to charge their vehicles.

In August 2021, Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils undertook a community survey  to seek feedback on Council’s role and proposed locations for EV charging across the Eastern Suburbs. Most respondents (86%) were supportive of councils providing or facilitating more public EV charging stations for the community, with 8% opposed and 6% unsure. Of those that supported the rollout of EV charging infrastructure, most respondents said they would like to see chargers in carparks that are open to the public and on the street.

How can apartments install chargers?

Check out this great Strata EV Charging Guide from the NSW Government, and our Sustainability Rebates of up to $5,000 for installing chargers in apartments.

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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