Car share

Short-term car use service

If you want the benefits of a car without the hassle and costs of owning one, car sharing may be the answer.

Car sharing is a system allowing short-term use of one of the many marked cars which are parked around Randwick City. It is self-service and helps the environment by reducing the number of cars on the road which also helps ease parking congestion.

Currently the Council has only one car share operator providing this service.  That operator is "GoGet CarShare".

Did you know? For every car share vehicle, between 7-20 private cars can be taken off the road –Martin, E., et al (2010)


How does car sharing work?

If you don't drive regularly then car sharing could be an eco-friendly and cheaper alternative to buying your own car.
Typically, car share schemes require you to sign up for membership, find the nearest car by using an online search and access the car using a membership card. Once you are finished, simply return the car back to the original spot.

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Contact for Car Share
If you have questions about car sharing, please feel free to contact the sole Randwick car share operator, "GoGet", at 1300 769 389. You can also visit the GoGet website.
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