Aboriginal Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Aboriginal Advisory Committee is:

  • to provide a forum for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, who live or work within the Randwick City Council Local Government Area (LGA), to represent the local Aboriginal community in discussion on issues that affect the community and develop recommendations that meet community needs for consideration by Council.
  • to improve communication processes between Council and Aboriginal community groups within Randwick City LGA and promote an understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal issues through consultation and activities.
  • to increase awareness across Randwick City Council of issues relating to Aboriginal cultural heritage, history and protocols that should be considered as part of decision making processes.
  • to increase Aboriginal community's awareness of and access to Council's planning processes, services, programs, cultural events and activities.
  • to develop advice and recommendation s to Council on how services could be made more relevant and accessible to local Aboriginal people .
Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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