Development Control Plan (DCP)

Planning and Design guidance

A Development Control Plan (DCP) provides detailed planning and design guidance for new development, which supplements the provisions of Randwick Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2012.

Randwick Comprehensive Development Control Plan 2013

Randwick DCP 2013 was approved at the Council meeting of Tuesday 28 May 2013 and formally commenced on Friday 14 June 2013, replacing all other DCPs and some Council planning policies. This new comprehensive DCP comprises:

Part A - Introduction

This Part provides introductory information and explains the structure of the DCP and how to use it. It describes key requirements to be addressed in development applications (DAs). Please note that Section A3 - Public Notification of part A is no longer applicable and has been repealed and superseded by provisions in a broader Community Participation Plan (CPP) which was adopted by Council on 10 December 2019. The CPP can be accessed here.

Part B - General Controls

This Part contains key controls that apply to all DAs and should be read in addition to the controls for particular development types and locations in other Parts of the DCP.

This Part covers design, heritage, ecologically sustainable development, landscaping and biodiversity, trees and vegetation, recycling and waste, traffic, parking and access, water management, management plans, foreshore scenic protection areas and laneway development.

Part C - Residential

This Part establishes provisions for all types of residential accommodation and includes guidance on site planning, building envelopes, building design, setbacks, open space, landscaped area, amenity, car parking and ancillary elements for low density and medium density residential development. This Part also has separate sections on boarding houses and adaptable and universal housing.

Part D - Commercial and Industrial

This Part focuses on the City's commercial centres with specific sections for certain Centres including:

This Part also sets out provisions for specific commercial land uses such as backpackers accommodation, child care centres, footpath dining and trading, late night trading and sex service premises. It also includes a section on industrial development:

Part E - Specific Sites

This Part provides additional provisions for Specific Sites in the City. These override similar provisions in other parts of the DCP unless otherwise noted.  The specific sites are:

Part F - Miscellaneous

This Part includes a range of uses and development that may arise across the City in a variety of zones. It includes provisions relevant to recreation zones, outdoor advertising, Sydney Airport (noise and height),  undergrounding overhead powerlines, telecommunications and radio communications, and must be referred to depending on the location and nature of the proposed development.

To view the DCP public exhibition documents, including all submissions made on the draft DCP, responses to these submissions and the draft final DCP that was reported to the Council on 28 May 2013, go to the special consultation website Draft DCP.

Note DAs lodged before the 15 February 2013 are assessed under the previous local planning controls, being Randwick LEP 1998 (Consolidation) and previous DCPs. Refer to the archive pages here for the and DCPs and planning policies.

Archived DCPs

View the Archive of previous DCPs .

Public exhibitions

To see any draft plans on exhibition check the community consultation page

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