School sustainability grants

Rainwater Tank Grants

Randwick City Council's Schools Rainwater tank funding program assists all schools in the Randwick City Council area in obtaining and installing a rainwater tank.

Up to a maximum of $2,000 is provided per school.

Application - School's Rainwater Tank funding

School's rainwater tank funding application<h3><strong>Environmental Grants for Schools</strong></h3><h3><strong>Environmental Grants for Schools</strong></h3>Environmental Grants for Schools


Randwick City's Environmental Grants for Schools program supports local school communities with grant funding up to a maximum of $5,000 for environmental projects and programs in the school.

Randwick’s school communities represent a diverse and potentially proactive group of students, teachers, parents and principals across our City. The small support we can provide them goes a long way to extending the reach of Council’s environmental programs and in strengthening local environmental outcomes across the full range of environmental and sustainability issues facing our community.

A consolidated environmental grants program for our local schools will deliver more specific and tangible on-ground outcomes in keeping with each school’s own circumstances and priorities on environmental and sustainability issues.

The program aims to enhance students learning experiences in the areas of food growing, healthy food options, native plant identification and 'green corridor' linking with the purpose of bringing learning beyond the classroom, enabling hands-on learning that can extend across the entire school curriculum.

Funding has been made available for this program through Randwick City Council's Environment Levy.

Over the years of our environmental levy program, schools have been eligible for funding support for a variety of initiatives aimed at assisting the local school community achieve outcomes relevant to a range of environmental and socially important outcomes. This includes:

  • growing their own food (supported with funding to install food gardens)
  • saving water (supported with funding to install rainwater tanks)
  • habitat protection and restoration (funding support for planting of native gardens)
  • cycling to school (funding support to install bike racks in the school).

In addition, a number of schools have also installed native bee hives with support from Council. In total each year, up to $30,000 has been available to support local schools and local school communities and their families.

It is proposed to consolidate these various levels of environmental funding support from Council into a single environmental grants program for local schools. The $30,000 would enable schools to apply for funding for their local environmental priority up to a maximum of $5,000. The criteria for schools to receive Council support would continue to include:

  • each school would need to provide matching funding for the amount sought,
  • links to the relevant area of the school curricula and learning expectations would need to be confirmed,
  • support in writing would need to be provided from the school’s principal and P&C who would agree to fund and provide ongoing maintenance and integration with school programs e.g. road safety in the case of installing bike racks,
  • acknowledgment of Council’s contribution in appropriate school communications material, and
  • reporting back on project outcomes and confirm completion of funded projects.

Who can apply?

All schools located in the Randwick Local Government Area are eligible to apply. Applicants must be a registered NSW school including pre-schools and the project must be aligned with one or more of the program objectives.

Funding available

Applicants may seek funding under the Schools Food and Native Garden program in the following way:

  • food garden – maximum of $2,000 on a matching basis from the school
  • native garden - maximum of $1,000 on a matching basis from the school
  • in-kind contribution of mulch, compost or native plants from Council's Community Nursery to the value of $500 (only one request per school per year);
  • in-kind educational support to be allocated by relevant Council educational staff.

Enquiries All enquiries should be directed to: Helen Morrison – Sustainability Project Officer, Community Programs on 9314 4867 or email

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