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Stay in touch and interact with Randwick City Council on a range of social media platforms. Use of Council's social media sites is governed by Council's adopted Social Media Policy PDF, 86.55 KB.







Social media house rules

When using any of our social media accounts, we ask you to follow these 'house rules':

Our social media pages are designed to provide the community with important information as well as giving you an opportunity to engage with Council  and to interact with other community members.

We ask that you be kind, courteous and respectful at all times. We're open to discussion that is polite and respectful. But please remember, there are humans on the other side of the keyboard!

We will not tolerate posts or content that:

  • is defamatory, offensive, humiliating, threatening or intimidating to council officials or members of the public,
  • contains profane language or is sexual in nature
  • is harassing or bullying in nature
  • contains content about the Council, council officials or members of the public that is misleading or deceptive
  • breaches the privacy of council officials or members of the public
  • contains allegations of suspected breaches of the Council’s code of conduct or information about the consideration of a matter under the Procedures for the Administration of the Model Code of Conduct for Local Councils in NSW,
  • violates an order made by a court
  • breaches copyright
  • advertises, endorses or solicits commercial products or business,
  • constitutes spam
  • would be in breach of the rules of the social media platform.

Posts that breach these house rules will be removed. Council also reserves the right to block or ban individuals from our social media sites depending on the severity of the breach or if there are repeat offences.

Social media policy

Use of Council's social media sites is governed by Randwick Council's Social Media Policy.


If you have any questions about Council's social media platforms or content on our social media platforms, please contact us.

Last Updated: 8 August 2022
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