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Use our online DA tracking tool to search all Development Applications in Randwick. Search current and recent applications by suburb, date, approval status and more. DA tracking definitions provides an explanation of the terms used to define application progress in DA tracking.

Note: We recommend using Google Chrome browser for our Online Services.

If you feel a development proposal has the potential to impact your property or the wider environment, you may wish to make a formal written submission. If you decide to make a submission and object to the proposed development, the reasons for your objection must be included in your submission.

To lodge a submission on a development application, you may either use email or send a written submission addressed to the General Manager. There is more information about making submissions on our Approval Overview page.

Use DA tracking tool

DAs in the last 12 months

See Development Applications (DAs) in the last 12 months in our map below. For more information about each DA visit our DA tracking website.

Please allow time for the map to load as there's a lot of data. For best experience we recommend using a desktop and the Google chrome browser.

Mobile users - for best experience visit our full screen DA map

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