DA tracking definitions

Meanings of terms in the DA tracking tool

The following table provides an explanation of the terms used to define application progress in the DA tracking tool:

Application progress Explanation of stage 
Application LodgedThe application is allocated a DA number and the relevant details entered into Council's records.
File PreparedA DA file is created.
Application AllocatedThe application is allocated to a planning officer for assessment
Notification and Referrals Process CommencedThe process of preparing notification letters, advertising notices (if required) and referrals is started.
Notification and Referrals Process Completed Notification letters, advertising notices (if required) and referrals are completed. This step is completed before the notification period commences.
On NotificationAffected parties are able to comment on the application during the notification period.  This task cannot be completed until the end of the notification period.
Preliminary Review of Application CompletedThe preliminary review is undertaken to determine if any information is missing from the application. It does not include a detailed assessment against the relevant controls.
Application Assessed and Report PreparedA detailed assessment of the application is undertaken and a report prepared by the planning officer. This task cannot be completed until the notification period has ended.
Senior Officer Review and DeterminationIf the application is to be determined under delegated authority, the report is reviewed by a senior planning officer. If they agree with the planning officer's report, they will sign the report and refer it to an administration officer to prepare the notice of determination.
Councillors to be BriefedCouncillors have requested to review the planning officers report prior to determination to decide whether they will refer it to a Council meeting for consideration. 
Referral to Council by 3 Councillors3 Councillors have requested that the application be referred to a Council meeting for determination.
Referred to Council MeetingIf the application is to be determined by Council, the report is referred to the next available Council meeting.
Determination PreparedThe notice of determination is prepared.
Determination Letter SignedThe notice of determination is signed.
Determination Letter IssuedA copy of the signed determination is sent to the applicant.
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