Nature strips

Resident maintenance and use of nature strips

Who should maintain my nature strip?

Randwick City Council relies on residents to maintain the nature strips adjacent to their house, which are a logical extension of their own lawn areas. In general, residents throughout the City have been most co-operative.

Council may perform maintenance of a nature strip only if the area poses a significant public risk. In this case the work will be carried out once only. After that, it will be the responsibility of the owner adjacent to the nature strip to maintain it themselves.

It is not Council policy to maintain nature strips, and it has not done so for many years. This policy relies on residents maintaining their adjoining nature strips before and after any work is carried out by Council. Thanks for your efforts to keep our streets and neighbourhoods looking good, we are able to dedicate money saved to other services for the community's benefit.

Can I plant a garden on a nature strip?

Council's nature strip/road verge planting policy states that road verges and nature strips will be turf unless the area is deemed unsuitable for turf maintenance or alternative planting of the area would be seen as a benefit to the wider community.

Applications for verge planting may be made in relation to areas that meet the above criteria. Residents who are considering applying for verge planting approval should familiarise themselves with the nature strip/road verge planting policy prior to lodging a Civil Works Application Form 2014-15 (pdf 117kb).

Civil works application forms can be lodged at Council's Customer Service Centre at 30 Frances Street, Randwick. The indicated application fee will be payable when lodging the form.

Assessment criteria

Council staff will assess the applications for verge plantings against a range of criteria before responding to the applicant in writing with its determination. The key criteria to assess applications includes:

  • Safe access for pedestrians
  • Access to and from parked vehicles
  • Safety of passengers alighting from vehicles
  • Suitability of planting
  • Erosion and other potential impact to waterways
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