Current consultations

Feedback on current Council proposals

Randwick City Council values community feedback, and we regularly seek community comment on our proposed projects, policies and plans.

Our consultations are hosted on our Your Say Randwick website where you can register to receive updates.

The way that Council consults with our local community is guided by Council's Community Participation Plan. Randwick City Council recognises the important role that community participation and engagement plays in helping the community have a voice in Council decision-making.

Current consultations

  • Matraville Public Domain Masterplan
    Consultation period: 6 December 2022 to 6 February 2023.
    The long-term plan for the Matraville town centre that aims to create a distinctive town centre with gathering spaces and welcoming gateways, more outdoor dining and opportunities for community events.
  • Street Banners
    Consultation period: 5 December 2022 to 23 January 2023.
    Randwick City Council flies more than 100 street banners across our City. We want to to know what you think about our street banners.

Development applications on exhibition

Consultations by other authorities

Randwick Council publishes notification of the following community consultations run by other authorities for the information of our local community. Please note these are not Randwick Council consultations.

Looking for another consultation? Check out our completed consultations page.

Our consultation approach is directed by our Community Participation Plan.

Last Updated: 7 December 2022
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