Street cleaning

Footpaths, gutters and streets

Randwick City Council's continual street-cleaning program includes manual and mechanical sweeping of footpaths and gutters. Find out more about our street-cleaning service.

How often are the streets cleaned?

How often a street is cleaned depends on how congested the area is. In busy business districts, such as Randwick, Maroubra Junction, Kingsford, Kensington and Coogee, cleaning is carried out daily. In other areas street cleaning may be carried out every two days, weekly or fortnightly.

How do I report an overflowing litter bin?

If a litter bin is overflowing, please report it to our call centre team by calling 1300 722 542.

Please note: Do not put paint, oil, litter, grass clippings, tree leaves or anything else in the gutter. They will pollute our waterways and end up in the ocean. Organic litter should be composted or placed in your green lid garden waste bin.

Contact Randwick City Council

If you have questions about our street cleaning, please feel free to contact our call centre team on 1300 722 542.

Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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