Litter & recycling bins

Out and about, be sure to put it in the bin

You can help keep our streets clean by using the public litter and recycling bins for disposing of your rubbish. If you can't find a bin, we recommend that you take your rubbish home for disposal.

Did you know? We're expanding the network of public place recycling bins to increase opportunities for residents and visitors to recycle away from home.

Where are litter bins and recycling bins located? 

Litter bins and recycling bins are installed in public areas such as business districts, beaches, parks and reserves.

How often are litter bins and recycling bins emptied? 

How frequently a litter bin or recycling bin is emptied depends on the amount of litter produced in a particular area. Popular business areas are serviced every day, including public holidays. 

Contact Randwick City Council

If you have questions about litter and recycling bins, please feel free to contact our call centre team on 1300 722 542.

Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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