Shopping trolleys

Abandoned trolleys in Randwick

Randwick City Council encourages residents to help reduce the number of trolleys abandoned on the streets. Unfortunately, the cost of collecting and replacing abandoned trolleys is ultimately paid for by the customer in higher prices at their favourite stores.

Did you know? It's an offence to abandon an item in a public place, and that includes shopping trolleys.

Where to report dumped trolleys

If you find an illegally dumped trolley then please check which shop it came from and then report it by calling one of the following numbers:

  • Big W 1800 641 497
  • Coles 1800 876 553
  • Kmart 1800 876 553
  • Target 1800 876 553
  • Woolworths 1800 641 497

Contact Randwick City Council

If you have questions about our shopping trolley policy, please feel free to contact our call centre team on 1300 722 542.

Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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