Park Names

Park names

  • Alison Park, RANDWICK
    Dedicated 4 February 1876. Named after the nearby road.
  • Arthur Byrne Park, MAROUBRA
    Named for Arthur Byrne, alderman for the Central Ward 1957-1962. First dedicated in 1910 (see Byrne Crescent).
  • Bangor Park, COOGEE
    Proclaimed 29 December 1887.
  • Bardon Reserve, COOGEE
    Proclaimed 1886 and originally called Smithfield Park. Presumably named after James Ambrose Bardon, alderman for both the North and East Wards, 1923-1931 and Mayor 1925.
  • Barker Park, KINGSFORD
    Proclaimed Barker Park December 1887 and presumably named after Frederic Barker, Bishop of Sydney (see Barker Street/Lane).
  • Blenheim Park, COOGEE
    Dedicated in 1886 and named in December 1887. Presumably named after Simeon Pearce's Blenheim House. On an early subdivision poster, the park is called Ethreim Park.
  • Burnie Park, CLOVELLY
    Presumably named after Burnie Street on which it faces.
  • Burrows Park, CLOVELLY
    Although dedicated on 2 May 1895, the park was named after John Frederick Burrows who served the North Ward 1932-1937.
  • Coogee Oval, COOGEE
    First dedicated as a public reserve on 2 August 1911. The pavilion was opened in January 1925 with a complete restructuring of the oval, including turfing and a scoreboard in 1940.
  • Coral Sea Park, MAROUBRA
    Created in 1947 on the site of the old Maroubra Speedway. The Park, and surrounding streets were named after the Battle of the Coral Sea, 1942, and Allied warships which participated in that battle. The Speedway itself was opened in 1925 and closed several years later.
  • Cromwell Park, MALABAR
    Dedicated in 1902 and extended eastwards in 1910. Named after Oliver Cromwell (see Cromwell Place).
  • Dunningham Reserve, COOGEE
    Named for John Montgomery Dunningham, alderman for the South and East Wards from 1918-1931 and Mayor 1927-1928. Dunningham was, at the time of his death (1938), the Minister for Labour and Industry in the Stevens Government. The area was first dedicated as a reserve in 1866 and was apparently called North Reserve.
  • Ernest Collins Reserve, COOGEE
    This reserve was named after long serving Council employee Ernest Collins who retired in 1955 after 52 years of service. Ernest worked on the Coogee Pier, shark net and the causeway project at Clovelly. He was a ganger for many years and also worked on footpaths, roads and parks in and around Coogee beach and Clovelly. Council dedicated this reserve to his memory at a meeting on 10th September 1985.
  • Fitzpatrick Park, KENSINGTON
    Possibly named after F. Fitzpatrick, alderman for the West and South Wards 1945-1956.
  • Grant Reserve, COOGEE
    Dedicated 29 April 1960. Possibly named after ECO Grant, alderman for the East Ward 1929-1931.
  • Heffron Park, MAROUBRA
    Named for the former Premier of NSW and local member, Robert Heffron. Work commenced on the park in 1972. Previously, the area was used as a Navy store and later, a hostel for migrants. Originally, the area was a swamp.
  • Jack Vanny Memorial Park, MAROUBRA
    Named for John Francis Vanny, alderman for the Central Ward 1971-1983 Deputy Mayor 1980-1981. First dedicated 1959 (see Vanny Place).
  • Kensington Park, KENSINGTON
    Named for the suburb and dedicated in 1915.
  • Kokoda Memorial Park, KENSINGTON
    Named for the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea which saw fierce battles during World War II.
  • Latham Park, MAROUBRA
    Named for Richard Thomas Latham, Randwick's Town Clerk 1938-1963. First dedicated in 1948. Prior to this, the area was part of the Randwick Rifle Range.
  • Nagle Park, MAROUBRA
    Appears to have been created in May 1924 and probably named after Henry Francis Nagle (see Nagle Avenue). One source has the park being notified for public reserve on 29 December 1933.
  • Neptune Park, COOGEE
    Dedicated 1886 and named Neptune in December 1887. Presumably named after Neptune Street on which the park is situated.
  • Paine Reserve, RANDWICK
    Created 1933 and named after Silas Garnet Paine (see Paine Street).
  • Popplewell Park, MAROUBRA
    Named for RA Popplewell (see Popplewell Place).
  • Purcell Park, MATRAVILLE (see Purcell Reserve)
    Named for Henry Thomas Purcell, a papermaker, who worked with Australian Paper from the age of 15 until his death in 1996 when he was 73. Highly respected by others at Botany Mill, he was the Neighbourhood Liason Officer on environmental issues and conducted tours in his own time. (Redston R, Mill Manager, letter 6 Dec 97)
  • Quarry Reserve, MAROUBRA
    Created in the 1970s and named after a nearby quarry.
  • Snape Park, MAROUBRA
    Named for James Snape (see Snape Street). The park was created in 1908.
  • Trenerry Reserve, COOGEE
    Named after Vivien ‘Roy’ Trenerry (1903-1972) shortly after his death. Roy Trenerry was a much-loved local schoolteacher at numerous schools including Coogee Public School where he was the principal.
  • Writtle Park, RANDWICK
    Proclaimed in December 1887.
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