Street Names G-L

Street names G-H

  • Gabee Place, MALABAR
    Indigenous word meaning water.
  • Gainford Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Named for Judy Gainford, a former Miss Australia. The street was constructed about 1949.
  • Gale Road, MAROUBRA
    George Gale, a Randwick Council alderman c.1898-1908. Mayor of Randwick 1902-1903.
  • Galu Avenue, RANDWICK
    Indigenous word meaning brolga.
  • Garden Street, MAROUBRA
    Possibly named because of its proximity to the nursery run by Herbert Garrett.
  • Garie Place, COOGEE
    Aboriginal word meaning national park.
  • Garnet Street, COOGEE
    Named for Garnet Wolseley (1833-1913), 1st Viscount Wolseley, British general.
  • George Street, RANDWICK
    Named for George IV. (One of a group of streets with historic names of the same period, for example Pitt Street).
  • Gibson Place, CHIFLEY
    Named for Alfred Gibson, explorer, a young member of Ernest Giles' 1874 expedition who disappeared in 1874 when searching for water near Alfred and Marie Range.
  • Gilderthorpe Avenue, RANDWICK
    Named for TR Gilderthorp, a Randwick Council alderman 1908-1917. Originally called Orange Street, and changed in 1930. When the name change was first advertised it was spelt incorrectly and that spelling has remained.
  • Giles Street, CHIFLEY
    Named for Ernest Giles (1835-1897), explorer. Dedicated in 1953.
  • Gipps Avenue, LITTLE BAY
    Named for Sir George Gipps (1791-1847), 17th Governor of NSW 1838-1846. Gipps approved the plan for Coogee to be gazetted as a village.
  • Glanfield Street, MAROUBRA
    Named in 1972 on the recommendation of Alderman AC Molloy. The Glanfield family had a long history in the Municipality, and Mr and Mrs Glanfield celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 1972.
  • Glebe Street, RANDWICK
    Part of the Glebe Estate, land originally belonging to the church.
  • Glen Avenue, RANDWICK
    Formerly known as Dove Avenue.
  • Glenugie Street, MAROUBRA
    Possibly for the northern NSW river. Dedicated in 1943.
  • Glenwood Avenue, COOGEE
    Named by subdivider when land was subdivided on 22 September 1937.
  • Gloucester Lane, KENSINGTON
    Based on the London suburb of Kensington.
  • Gloucester Place, KENSINGTON
    Based on the London suburb of Kensington.
  • Goodrich Avenue, KINGSFORD
    Named for Lord Goodrich, secretary of state for colonies.
  • Goodwood Street, KENSINGTON
    Name of a racecourse in England.
  • Goolagong Place, PHILLIP BAY
    Named for Evonne Cawley, née Goolagong, (1951- ), Australian tennis player.
  • Goonda Avenue, LA PEROUSE
    Aboriginal word meaning dark, night, rain or cloud.
  • Goora Street, LITTLE BAY
    Aboriginal word meaning long or tall.
  • Govett Street/Lane, RANDWICK
    Formerly known as Flinders Street and Huddart Street. Named for William R. Govett (1807-1848), surveyor of the Blue Mountains.
  • Gumara Street, RANDWICK
    Indigenous word meaning possum.
  • Green Street, MAROUBRA
    Formerly known as Boyce Lane and changed to Green Street in 1972. Apparently not named for any resident.
  • Greenstead Lane, RANDWICK
    Takes its name from the building owned by the Marist Brothers, Greenstead Hall, which in turn was named for a place near Colchester, Essex.
  • Greenwood Avenue, COOGEE
    Named for William Greenwood, rector of St Nicolas Church, Coogee
  • Gregory Street, COOGEE
    Constructed in 1943.
  • Greville Street, CLOVELLY
    Portion of street formerly known as Seaview Street. Named for William C. Greville who bought 20 acres of land at Clovelly in 1834
  • Grose Street, LITTLE BAY
    Named for Francis Grose (1754-1814), 1st Lieutenant-Governor of NSW Commanded the colony for three years after Arthur Phillip's departure.
  • Grosvenor Street, KENSINGTON
    The family name of the Duke of Westminster.
  • Haig Lane and Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig (1861-1928), British commander during World War I.
  • Hall Street, CHIFLEY
    Possible named for Charles Francis Hall (1821-1871),USA Arctic explorer.
  • Hamel Road, MATRAVILLE
    Named for Hamel, the name of a village near the Somme in northern France which was devastated in World War I.
  • Hampson Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Named for William K. Hampson, Randwick Council alderman c.1940-1950s.
  • Hamilton Street, COOGEE
    Named for Sir Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton (1853-1947), Commander-in-Chief of British forces at Gallipoli.
  • Hannan Street/Lane, MAROUBRA
    Named for Francis Hannan, Randwick Council alderman c.1902. Constructed around 1943/5.
  • Hargraves Place, MAROUBRA
    Named for Patrick R. Hargraves, a Randwick Council alderman in the 1960s. Formerly known as Pat Hargraves Place and shortened in 1970.
  • Harper Street, RANDWICK
    Changed in 1961 from Harper Lane to Harper Street.
  • Harrison Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Named for John Harrison, a former municipal engineer with Randwick Council.
  • Hastings Avenue, CHIFLEY
    Most likely named for Hastings in England, site of Norman victory over the Saxons in 1066.
  • Havelock Avenue, COOGEE
    Named for Sir Henry Havelock (1795-1857), British soldier and hero of the Indian mutiny.
  • Hayward Street, KINGSFORD
    Named for W. Hayward, Randwick Council alderman c.1900.
  • Helena Street/Lane, RANDWICK
    Changed from Clarke Street in 1943. Renamed for Helena, a character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream. Other streets nearby named for other characters in the same play: Titania and Oberon. A section was also originally called Elizabeth Street.
  • Hendy Avenue, COOGEE
    Originally called Pirate Street. Renamed for Roy Hendy, a Randwick Council alderman c.1890-1900. Hendy became town clerk of Sydney.
  • Hennegar Access, RANDWICK
    Indigenous word meaning shark.
  • Henning Avenue, KINGSFORD
    Constructed in 1943.
  • Henry Street, RANDWICK
    Possibly named for Henry Lee who owned land in the area in 1857. Originally called Perry Street.
  • Herbert Street, MALABAR
    Possibly named for Herbert Dudley, real estate agent in the area.
  • Hereward Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for  the iron clipper, Hereward, which was wrecked on the northern end of Maroubra beach in 1898.
  • Higgs Street, COOGEE
    Originally a section of Melody Street, Coogee
  • High Street, RANDWICK
    Popular street name in English villages and towns.
  • Hillary Parade, MATRAVILLE
    Named for Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008), the first man to conquer Mount Everest (in 1953).
  • Hincks Street, KINGSFORD
    Named for James Hincks, a Randwick Council alderman in the early 1900s and Mayor of Randwick 1904. See also Apsley Avenue; Baker Street.
  • Hinkler Street, MAROUBRA
    Bert Hinkler (1892-1933), aviator who in 1928 became the first person to fly solo from Britain to Australia. Dedicated in 1943.
  • Hitchcock Street
    Became Nagle Street, MAROUBRA on 25 September 1931.
  • Hodgson Street, RANDWICK
    Named for Isaac B. Hodgson, a Randwick Council alderman from 1897 to the 1900s and Mayor of Randwick in 1900 and 1901.
  • Holden Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for Leslie Hubert Holden (1895-1932), pioneer airman awarded the Military Cross in 1918. He later became the Sydney manager of Holden's Motor Body Builders, the company formed by his uncle HJ Holden. Les Holden was responsible for finding Kingsford-Smith and Ulm when they disappeared in 1929. The street was constructed in 1943.
  • Holkham Avenue, RANDWICK
    Named for the town in Norfolk, England.
  • Hooper Street, RANDWICK
    Originally called Orange Street. Renamed for George Hooper who build his home there in 1848. Hooper was a market gardener and an alderman and auditor of Randwick Council.
  • Houston Road and Lane, KENSINGTON
    Named for William Houston, Randwick Council alderman c.1895-1908 and  Mayor of Randwick 1898.
  • Howe Street, MALABAR
    Named for George William Howe, owner of Yarra Bay Pleasure Grounds, who was an alderman with Randwick Council c.1890s-1910, serving one term as Mayor. Died in 1916.
  • Howell Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Named for GJ 'Snowy' Howell who received the Victoria Cross for fighting in Bullecourt, France, in 1917.
  • Huddart Lane, RANDWICK
    Named for JG Huddart, Randwick Council alderman 1903-1906.
  • Hughes Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Named for Evan H. Hughes, a Randwick Council alderman in the 1950-1960s.
  • Humes Street, CHIFLEY
    Named for Hamilton Hume (1797-1873), explorer. Dedicated in 1953.
  • Hunter Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Named in 1958 for the NSW river which was named for John Hunter (1737-1821), second governor of NSW (Clarence and Namoi Streets dedicated at the same time).
  • Hurley Crescent, MATRAVILLE
    Captain James Francis Frank; Hurley (1890-1962), famous photographer who went to Antarctica and was an official photographer to AIF during the First World War.

Street names I-J

  • Ian Street, KINGSFORD
    Constructed in 1943.
  • Iluka Place, COOGEE
    Aboriginal word meaning near the sea.
  • Ireton Street, MALABAR
    Possible named for Henry Ireton (1611-1651), English soldier and son-in-law of Oliver Cromwell. (Cromwell Place is nearby).
  • Isis Lane, KINGSFORD
    Local name for upper stretches of the River Thames, England (near Oxford).
  • Jacques Street, KINGSFORD
    Part changed from Bird Gully and Byrd Avenue South on 25 November 1938. Named for the Jacques family who lived in the area and owned property in the Kingsford/Kensington area.
  • Johnston Parade, MAROUBRA
    Named for NC Johnston, a Randwick Council alderman in the 1950s.
  • Joongah Street, RANDWICK
    Indigenous word meaning octopus.
  • Judge Street, RANDWICK
    Named for Judge Callaghan who lived nearby in his house, Avoca.

Street names K-L

  • Kain Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Named for Edgar Cobber Kain (1918-1940), a New Zealand fighter pilot in the RAF who became an early war ace.
  • Kara Lane, RANDWICK
    Aboriginal word meaning high up.
  • Karoo Place, PHILLIP BAY
    Aboriginal word meaning clouds.
  • Keating Street, MAROUBRA
    Constructed in 1945.
  • Kelly Street and Lane, MATRAVILLE
    Named for D. Kelly, a Randwick Council alderman 1908-1911
  • Kelso Lane, RANDWICK
    J. Kelso was a prominent horse trainer.
  • Kemp Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Constructed around 1947.
  • Kennedy Street and Lane, KINGSFORD
    Formerly called Joffre Street.
  • Kenny Avenue, CHIFLEY
    Named for Victoria Cross winner, Private Thomas James Bede Kenny who won the Cross at Hermies, France on 9 April 1917.
  • Kensington Road, KENSINGTON
    Named for the suburb.
  • Kildare Lane, COOGEE
    Named for the county in Ireland.
  • King Street/Lane, RANDWICK
    Named for Named for Phillip Gidley King (1758-1808), third Governor of NSW from 1800 to 1806.
  • Kingsford Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for the suburb and dedicated in 1943.
  • Kitchener Street, MAROUBRA
    Originally called Rainbow Street and French Street. Changed in 1955. Renamed for Horatio Herbert Kitchener (1850-1916), British field marshall and statesman. Originally constructed in 1943.
  • Knowles Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Formerly Togo Avenue. Name changed in 1943.
  • Knox Street, CLOVELLY
    Land in the area was owned by Sir Edward Knox (1819-1901), founder of the Australian Sugar Company. Sir Edward is buried in St Jude's cemetery.
  • Koorooera Avenue, PHILLIP BAY
    Aboriginal word meaning camp.
  • Kooringai Avenue, PHILLIP BAY
    Aboriginal word meaning home by the water.
  • Kurrawa Avenue, COOGEE
    Changed from O'Donnell Street in 1914. Kurrawa is an Aboriginal word meaning rough sea. Previous to O'Donnell, the street was called Paul Street. (See Council Minutes of 6 January 1914).
  • Kynaston Avenue, RANDWICK
    Edward Kynaston Wild was responsible for developing the Esmay Villa Estate in the area in 1922.
  • Kyogle Street, MAROUBRA
    Indigenous word meaning a brolga or camping ground. Most likely named for the town near the Queensland border. Constructed in 1943.
  • Landy Street, MATRAVILLE
    Named for John Landy, AC MBE, Australian athlete and Governor of Victoria from 2001 to 2006.
  • Lasseter Avenue, CHIFLEY
    Presumed to be named for Lance Harold Bell Lasseter (1880-1931?), Australian prospector who claimed a reef of gold existed in the vicinity of the Petermann and MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory
  • Lawson Street, MATRAVILLE
    William Lawson (1774-1850), first to cross the Blue Mountains in 1813 with Blaxland and Wentworth. Dedicated in 1943.
  • Lee Street, RANDWICK
    Possibly named for Henry Lee who owned land in the area of what is now Lee Street in 1857.
  • Leonard Avenue, KINGSFORD
    Named by Herbert Dudley when he subdivided the area. Dudley named it after his daughter, Murielle, whose married name is Leonard.
  • Lexington Place, MAROUBRA
    US aircraft carrier in World War II which was sunk during the Coral Sea battle
  • Liguria Street, SOUTH COOGEE
    Name of a ship in the Orient line.
  • Lindsay Street, PHILLIP BAY
    Constructed in 1953.
  • Lion Street and Lane, RANDWICK
    From the Shakespearean play, A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Little Bay Road, LITTLE BAY
    Named for nearby Little Bay.
  • Little Nathan Street
    Became Nathan Street, COOGEE on 18 February 1927.
  • Loch Maree Street, MAROUBRA
    Name of Herbert Garrett's house which was situated nearby. The street was constructed around 1943.
  • Long Bay Road
    Became Malabar Road, SOUTH COOGEE on 17 November 1933.
  • Lorne Avenue, KENSINGTON
    Named for Lord Lorne, Duke of Argyle, son-in-law of Queen Victoria. Named in September 1913. (See Council Minutes of 30 September 1913).
  • Lowe Street, CLOVELLY
    Named for TJ Lowe, a Randwick Council alderman c.1884. Formerly called High Street
  • Lucas Avenue, MALABAR
    Named for WH Lucas, a Randwick Council alderman in the 1950s and Mayor of Randwick 1957-1958.
  • Lurline Street, MAROUBRA
    Probably named for the bay on which it ends.
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