Street Names M-R

Street names M-N

  • McAnnalys Lane, COOGEE
    For McAnnaly's dairy nearby.
  • McCauley Street, MATRAVILLE
    Named for VA McCauley, a Randwick Council alderman 1914-1917.
  • McDougall Street, KENSINGTON
    Named for John C. McDougall, a Randwick Council alderman c.1900-1910 and Mayor of Randwick 1906-1907.
  • McGowen Avenue, MALABAR
    Named for Sinclair Taylor McGowen (1855-1922), politician. Member of the ALP; MLA 1891-1917 and MLC 1917-1922; State premier 1910-1913.
  • McIver Place, MAROUBRA
    Shortened from Bill McIver Place in 1970. Named for WJ (Bill) McIver, a Randwick Council alderman representing the West Ward during the 1950-1960s.
  • McKenzie Street, CHIFLEY
    Named in 1951.
  • McKeon Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for Humphrey McKeon who is believed to have built a home there as early as 1861.
  • Macleay Street, COOGEE
    Named for the northern NSW river of that name. Constructed in 1943.
  • McLennan Avenue, RANDWICK
    Changed from Tramway Street on 12 September 1929. Renamed for Alexander McLennan, a Randwick Council alderman in the 1910s.
  • Macquarie Street, CHIFLEY
    Named for Lachlan Macquarie (1762-1824), governor of NSW 1809-1822. Dedicated in 1953.
  • Madang Way, MATRAVILLE
    Named for a province in northern Papua New Guinea associated with fighting during World War II.
  • Magill Street, RANDWICK
    Named for MB Magill, a market gardener and former Randwick Council alderman. Owned Magill's nursery which adjoined Magill Street.
  • Mahon Pool, RANDWICK
    Built in 1937 and named for Ald Patrick Mahon.
  • Major Street, COOGEE
    Formerly part of Moore Street, Coogee.
  • Malabar Road, MAROUBRA
    Originally named Long Bay Road and part of Mount Street.
  • Manson Place, CLOVELLY
    Name changed from Seaview Street in 1930 and Simeon Street in 1950. The Manson family, who were builders, were well known in the area.
  • Manwaring Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Named for Miss Manwaring, secretary/assistant to Daking, a prominent Sydney businessman who had his home in Broome Street, Maroubra with separate quarters for Miss Manwaring.
  • Marconi Place, LITTLE BAY
    Named for Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937), the Italian physicist who developed the wireless telegraph.
  • Marida Street, RANDWICK
    Indigenous word meaning fish hawk.
  • Marine Parade, MAROUBRA
    Formerly known as Hector Road and The Esplanade. Changed in 1925 following a suggestion from the Maroubra Bay Progress Association.
  • Marion Street
    Became Searle Street, RANDWICK in 1939.
  • Market Street, RANDWICK
    Formerly known as Clarence Street. Renamed for Hooper's market gardens which were situated there.
  • Maroubra Road and Lane, MAROUBRA
    Named for the suburb. A section was formerly called Fourth Avenue. Changed from Maroubra Bay Road 13/09/1939.
  • Mason Street, MAROUBRA
    Changed from Gale Lane in 1972 when it was named for J. Mason, a resident of nearby Robey Street.
  • Matraville Lane, MATRAVILLE
    Takes its name from the suburb.
  • Maud Street, RANDWICK
    Named for James Pearce's second daughter, Maud.
  • Mawson Parade and Lane, CHIFLEY
    Named for Sir Douglas Mawson (1882-1958), geologist and Antarctic explorer
  • Maxwell Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Named for D. Maxwell Cooper, a former Randwick Council alderman and Mayor of Randwick 1911 and 1914. Cooper owned land in Maroubra.
  • Meagher Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Named for Wally Meagher (1903-1966), ex Australian rugby player and stalwart of the Randwick Rugby Club.
  • Mears Avenue and Lane, RANDWICK
    Formerly called Barb Street.
  • Meehan Street, MATRAVILLE
    Named for James Meehan (1774-1826), early colonial surveyor and explorer.
  • Meeks Street and Lane, KINGSFORD
    Originally known as Meek Street. Possibly named by Edwin Endicott, in charge of the Council Works, in honour of his daughter, Agnes Victoria Meek Endicott or his wife, whose maiden name was Meek.
  • Melba Avenue, CHIFLEY
    Named for Dame Nellie Melba (1861-1931), opera singer.
  • Melody Street and Lane, COOGEE
    A section of Melody Street was renamed Higgs Street.
  • Melrose Parade, CLOVELLY
    Changed from Battery Street 22/09/1937. Formed part of the Melrose Estate during the late 1800s.
  • Menin Street, MATRAVILLE
    Place in Belgium, scene of fighting during World War I.
  • Mermaid Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Changed from Lilli Pilli Bay Road in 1942. Presumed to have been renamed for one of Sydney Harbour's tugs, Mermaid.
  • Messines Crescent and Place, MATRAVILLE
    Place in Belgium, the scene of fighting in 1914 and 1917.
  • Metcalfe Street, MAROUBRA
    Formerly known as Storey Lane. Name changed in 1972 in memory of Milly Metcalfe. A prominent member of the ALP, Milly lived in nearby Boyce Road.
  • Meymott Street, COOGEE
    Possibly named for Frederick William Meymott (1808-1883), a prominent Sydney judge. Originally called Cunningham Street.
  • Midway Drive, MAROUBRA
    Named for the island in the Pacific where the Japanese were defeated in a battle in June 1942.
  • Milford Street, RANDWICK
    Name was changed from Coogee Street in 1930 and renamed in memory of Judge Samuel Milford (1797-1865), presiding judge in the St Jude's Case
  • Military Road, MATRAVILLE
    So named because it is the access road to the gun emplacements at Bumborah Point.
  • Milne Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Most likely named for Milne Bay where the 2nd AIF defeated the Japanese during World War II.
  • Minneapolis Crescent, MAROUBRA
    Named for the USA ship sunk at Pearl Harbour.
  • Minya Avenue, KINGSFORD
    Aboriginal word meaning small.
  • Mirrabooka Crescent, LITTLE BAY
    The Aboriginal word for the Southern Cross constellation.
  • Mitchell Street, CHIFLEY
    Sir Thomas Mitchell (1792-1855), surveyor-general of the colony. Section of the road dedicated prior to 1943 with the whole road dedicated by 1953.
  • Molloy Avenue, COOGEE
    Named for the former Randwick Council alderman and mayor during the 1950-1960s. Molloy owned land nearby.
  • Monmouth Street, RANDWICK
    A Welsh place name from which Charles II's illegitimate son was named Duke of Monmouth.
  • Mons Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Named for a town in Belgium which was the site of battles during both World Wars. Part of the street was declared a public road in 1925.
  • Moona Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Aboriginal word meaning plenty.
  • Mooramie Avenue, KENSINGTON
    A name made up from combining Moore with Amie (his wife's name). Moore was a local real estate agent.
  • Moore Street, COOGEE
    Named for Sir Charles Moore (1820-1895), early alderman and mayor of Randwick (1863), Mayor of Sydney 1867-1869, and Member of the Legislative Council of NSW who owned a home at Coogee called Ballymac. Part of this street later became Major Street.
  • Morgan Street
    Became part of Gilderthorpe Street, RANDWICK. 26 September 1930.
  • Morris Place, MAROUBRA
    named for the destroyer Morris which took part in the Coral Sea battles.
  • Mort Lane and Street, RANDWICK
    Probably named for Henry Mort (1818-1900).
  • Mount Street and Lane, COOGEE
    Could have been named because it led to Bishopscourt and Bishopsmount located nearby.
  • Moverly Road, COOGEE SOUTH
    Named for Arthur H. Moverly, a Randwick Council alderman in the 1920-1930s and Mayor of Randwick 1931-1932. Name was changed from Snape Street in 1939.
  • Muggadaang, RANDWICK
    Indigenous word meaning blue tongue lizard.
  • Mulgray Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Name made up by combining the names of local real estate agents, Gray and Mulroney.
  • Munda Street, RANDWICK
    Indigenous word meaning black snake.
  • Mundarrah Street, CLOVELLY
    Name of the old mansion that occupied the site, Mundarrah Towers.
  • Murrabin Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Formerly called Ethel Avenue.
  • Murry Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for Victoria Cross winner, Captain Henry William Murray, who won the medal near Gueudecourt, France on 4-5 February 1917.
  • Nagle Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Changed from Hitchcock Street on 12 November 1931. Renamed for HF Nagle, a Randwick Council alderman during the 1920s.
  • Nagun Street, RANDWICK
    Indigenous word meaning brown snake.
  • Namatjira Place, CHIFLEY
    Named for Albert Namatjira (1902-1959), Aboriginal artist.
  • Namoi Road, MATRAVILLE
    Named in 1958 for the Namoi River in northern NSW. It is an Aboriginal word ngnamai (or nygamai) which is applied to a species of acacia. (Clarence and Hunter Streets dedicated at the same time).
  • Namuraag Street, RANDWICK
    Indigenous word meaning wattle tree.
  • Napper Street, COOGEE
    Named after Enos Napper, a prominent Randwick citizen in the 1860's, Formerly called Wood Street.
  • Nathan Street, COOGEE
    Changed from Little Nathan Street in 1937. Isaac Nathan was a musician who lived in Randwick during the 1850-1860's. Considered to be Australia's first composer.
  • Nelson Street, RANDWICK
    Most likely to have been named for the British naval hero, Viscount Horatio Nelson (1758-1805).
  • Neosho Way, MAROUBRA
    Part of the Coral Sea subdivision, the USS Neosho was a Cimarron class oiler commissioned in 1939. She refuelled the USS Yorktown just before the Battle of the Coral Sea and was severely damaged by Japanese carrier aircraft. Although she managed to keep afloat for four days eventually she was sunk by the USS Henley after surviving crew members were rescued.
  • Neptune Street, COOGEE
    Named after the sea god.
  • Nevorie Crescent, MAROUBRA
    Formerly Weller Lane. Renamed in 1972.
  • New Orleans Crescent, MAROUBRA
    USAwarship during World War II.
  • Nicol Avenue/Lane, MAROUBRA
    Named for ATJ Nicol, Randwick Council alderman 1922-1925.
  • Nix Avenue, MALABAR
    Named for AL Nix, Randwick Council alderman c.1948-1950.
  • Nolan Avenue, CLOVELLY
    Changed from Rainham Avenue in 1929. Renamed after MJ Nolan, a Randwick Council alderman 1925-1928.
  • Noora Avenue, LITTLE BAY
    Aboriginal word meaning camp.
  • Norbar Lane, KINGSFORD
    A made-up word combining Norton and Barker.
  • Norfolk Lane and Parade, MATRAVILLE
    Possibly named after the colonial built sloop used for exploration of Van Diemen's Land and NSW coastlines by Bass and Flinders.
  • Northumberland Street/Lane, CLOVELLY
    Could be named after the English county of the same name or the Duke of Northumberland.
  • Norton Street/Lane, RANDWICK
    Possibly named after John Norton (1862-1916), journalist and politician. Norton owned land in the area. Formerly called Haig Street.
  • Nurla Avenue, LITTLE BAY
    Aboriginal word meaning plenty.

Street names O-P

  • Oak Street, CLOVELLY
    Named after the tree. Formerly called Ivy Street
  • Oberon Street, RANDWICK
    Named after Oberon, King of the Fairies in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Section was originally called Perouse Street.
  • O'Connell Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Named after former Randwick Council alderman for the South Ward during the 1940s, HD O'Connell.
  • Ocean Street/Lane, CLOVELLY
    So named because of its proximity to the ocean.
  • Orange Street
    Changed to Gilderthorpe Avenue, RANDWICK on 18 June 1931 from Market Street to Carrington Road.
  • Osprey Court, MAROUBRA
    Name of a ship involved in the Coral Sea battle.
  • O'Sullivan Avenue, MAROUBRA
    J. O'Sullivan, a Randwick Council alderman during the 1930-1940s. Named 30/06/1937.
  • Oval Lane, KINGSFORD
    Oval Lane bounded the southern side of what used to be Randwick Park which contained the nine-hole Randwick Golf Course and Randwick Oval, the original home ground for the Randwick Rugby Club. It is now part of the University of New South Wales.
  • Oxford Lane, RANDWICK
    Oxford was a common name in Sydney - a carry over from Oxford Street in London.
  • Oxley Street, MATRAVILLE
    Named for John Oxley (1785-1828), surveyor and explorer.
  • Pacific Street/Lane, CLOVELLY
    Overlooks the Pacific Ocean.
    Named for SG Paine, a Randwick Council alderman 1920-1930s and Mayor of Randwick 1933-1934.
  • Pardey Street, KINGSFORD
    Named for Fred Pardey, a former clerk with Randwick Council.
  • Park Avenue, RANDWICK
    Formerly called Pile Street
  • Park Street/Lane, CLOVELLY
    Name changed from Quinton Avenue in 1942.
  • Parer Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for Raymond John Paul Parer (1894-1967), an aviator who, with JC McIntosh, completed the first single-engined flight from England to Darwin in 1920.
  • Paterson Street, MATRAVILLE
    Probably named after William Paterson (1755-1810), lieutenant-governor of NSW
  • Paton Street, KINGSFORD
    DC Paton, a Randwick Council alderman representing the Coogee Ward 1900-1910s.
  • Pauling Avenue, RANDWICK
    Part changed from Court Street on 16 August 1929. Renamed after T. Pauling, a Randwick Council alderman during the 1920s.
  • Pepper Lane, CLOVELLY
    Named for a local dentist named Pepper.
  • Perkins Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for the USS Perkins, a destroyer in Sydney Harbour when the Japanese submarines attacked during World War II. The USS Perkins was also involved in the Coral Sea battles.
  • Peronne Parade and Way, MATRAVILLE
    A battlefield in France during World War I.
  • Perouse Road, RANDWICK
    Southern extension of Frenchmans Road which was named after Jean-François de Galaup, Comte de La Pérouse (1741-1788), French navigator and explorer who sailed into Botany Bay in January 1788 only a few days after the arrival of the First Fleet. La Perouse remained at Botany Bay for six weeks.
  • Percival Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for William K. Percival, Randwick Council town clerk 1912-1937.
  • Perry Street, MATRAVILLE
    Possibly named for John AI Perry, a Randwick Council alderman during the 1890s and mayor in 1896-1897.
  • Peters Place, MAROUBRA
    Formerly known as Sam Peters Place, the name was shortened in 1970. Sam Peters, a bookmaker, was a Randwick Council alderman during the 1950-1960s.
  • Piccadilly Place, MAROUBRA
    Named by the developer, Mr Graf.
  • Pillars Place, MAROUBRA
    Named after Nell Pillars (1897-1973), founder of the Randwick and District Historical Society. Pillar Place was named in June 1976.
  • Pine Street, RANDWICK
    Changed from Alice Street 09/07/1930. Possibly named after the house nearby named The Pines.
  • Pitt Street, RANDWICK
    Name changed from Cameron Street on 12 September 1929. Named for William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham (1708-1778), English orator and statesman. Known as Pitt the Elder (there is a Chatham Street nearby).
  • Popplewell Place, COOGEE
    Named for RA Popplewell, Randwick Council alderman during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, and mayor of Randwick in 1956, 1970 and 1971.
  • Portland Crescent, MAROUBRA
    Named for a US cruiser involved in the war in the Pacific region during World War II.
  • Poulet Street, MATRAVILLE
    Named on 5 February 1926.
  • Pozieres Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Formerly known as Togo Road. Renamed for a WWI battlefield.
  • Prince Edward Street, MALABAR
    Named for Edward VIII when he was the Prince of Wales.
  • Prince of Wales Drive, MATRAVILLE
    Name of a transport ship with the First Fleet.

Street names Q-R

  • Quambi Street
    Became Anzac Parade on 14 June 1934.
  • Queen Street, COOGEE
    Common street name in the late Victorian period, after Queen Victoria.
  • Rabaul Parade/Way, MATRAVILLE
    Named for the port in New Britain associated with fighting during World War II.
  • Raglan Street, MALABAR
    Probably named for Lord Herbert of Raglan, Lord Chamberlain to Henry VIII. Other streets nearby have historic significance relating to the Tudor period.
  • Rainbow Street, KINGSFORD
    Changed from Kitchener Street in 1931.
  • Rainham Street
    Became Nolan Street, CLOVELLY 1929.
  • Raleigh Street, RANDWICK
    Named for Sir Walter Raleigh (1552?-1618), English courtier, navigator and writer, who was responsible for introducing tobacco into Britain.
  • Randwick Street, RANDWICK
    Named for Randwick in Gloucestershire, England.
  • Reservoir Street, LITTLE BAY
    So named because there is a water reservoir nearby.
  • Richard Avenue
    Became Pauling Avenue, COOGEE (no date).
  • Rigney Avenue/Lane, KINGSFORD
    Named for the builder, Rigney, who subdivided the land and lost his money during the Depression of the 1930s.
  • Roberts Avenue, RANDWICK
    Possibly named for Charles Roberts, a friend of Simeon Pearce, who was a racehorse owner and publican.
  • Robey Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for AN Robey, a Randwick Council alderman c.1908-1911.
  • Romani Parade/Way, MATRAVILLE
    Named for the site of famous lighthorse victory in Palestine during the First World War.
  • Ron Filbee Place, MAROUBRA
    Named for a prominent local citizen, a member of Maroubra Surf Club, who was killed in a car crash in 1958. The street was named in 1959 and dedicated on 6 November 1960 in memory of Ron Filbee, a member of Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club, who received an award for his part in the rescue of three fishermen off La Perouse in January 1954.
  • Rodman Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Shortened from Arthur Rodman Avenue in 1970. Named for Arthur Rodman was a local identity in the 1920s; a member of Maroubra Surf Club.
  • Roper Avenue, COOGEE
    Named for a former chief health inspector with Randwick Council, Albert James Roper, who died on 7th August, 1952
  • Rubie Lane, MALABAR
    Named for JQH Rubie, a former Randwick Council alderman and Mayor of Randwick in 1943.
  • Ryan Avenue, MAROUBRA
    SW Ryan was a Randwick Council alderman during the late 1960s.
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