Street Names S-Z

Street names S-T

  • Salisbury Road, KENSINGTON
    Named for Robert Albert Talbot Gascoigne Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (1830-1903), British conservative politician.
  • Scott Street and Lane, MAROUBRA
    Named for Robert Falcon Scott (1868-1912), Antarctic explorer.
  • Searle Avenue, RANDWICK
    Changed from Marian Street in 1940. Renamed for S. Searle, a Randwick Council alderman from 1903 to 1908.
  • Seaside Parade, COOGEE
    So named because of its proximity to the ocean.
  • Seaview Street, CLOVELLY
    Views of the ocean from that street. Formerly called High Street (among other names). Previously called Simeon Street (between Douglas and Grenville Street) but changed on 23 July 1930.
  • Second Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Following the American custom of naming streets by numbers.
  • See Street and Lane, KINGSFORD
    Named for Sir John See (1844-1907), Randwick Council alderman and mayor in 1880, 1881, 1886; Premier of NSW 1901-1904.
  • Severn Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for the river running through the city of Bristol in England.
  • Shaw Avenue, KINGSFORD
    Named for Father Shaw who ran a wireless works in Avoca Street, Randwick.
  • Shepherd Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for the nursery that used to be on the site. The nursery was owned by Herbert Garrett.
  • Shirley Crescent, MATRAVILLE
    First name of one of George Gray's daughters. Gray was a local real estate agent who formed the partnership Gray and Mulroney.
  • Short Street, RANDWICK
    Presumably named because it is a short street, connecting connects Avoca Street with Belmore Road.
  • Simeon Street, RANDWICK
    Presumably named for Simeon Pearce, Randwick's first mayor.
  • Sims Lane/Grove, MAROUBRA
    Named for USA destroyer sunk during the battle of Coral Sea.
  • Sloper Street
    Became Todman Avenue, KENSINGTON 12 September 1929.
  • Smith Street, KINGSFORD
    Named for J. Joynton Smith (1855-1943), businessman and newspaper proprietor; Lord Mayor of Sydney and MLC 1912-1933.
  • Smithfield Avenue, COOGEE
    Named for Smithfield Grange which was in nearby Brook Street.
  • Snape Street, KINGSFORD
    Named for James Snape, a Randwick Council alderman for the west ward in the early 1900s and mayor of Randwick 1908-1909.
  • Solander Street, MATRAVILLE
    Named for Daniel Carl Solander (1736-1782), Swedish botanist who sailed with Captain Cook.
  • Soudan Street and Lane, RANDWICK
    Named in memory of where Australia sent its first field force for overseas service in the 1880s.
  • Southern Cross Drive, KENSINGTON
    Named for the constellation of five stars.
  • Spring Lane, RANDWICK
    Formerly called William Street. It no longer exists, being part of the Royal Randwick Shopping Centre.
  • St. Lukes Street, RANDWICK
    Formerly called John Street.
  • St. Marks Lane and Road, RANDWICK
    The southern section was formerly called Moore Street.
  • Stephen Street and Lane, RANDWICK
    Named for Sir Alfred Stephen (1802-1894), owned land in Alison Road. Was Chief Justice of NSW 1844-1873. Stephen was also the first president of the Legislative Council under responsible government in 1856 and was later to become the Lieutenant-governor of NSW.
  • Stewart Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Change from Little Togo Road in 1957.
  • Stewart Street, RANDWICK
    Named for landowner in the area.
  • Storey Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for Sir David Storey MP, for Randwick 1894 to 1920.
  • Strachan Lane and Street, KINGSFORD
    Named for EH Strachan, former Randwick Council town clerk between 1898 and 1912.
  • Strickland Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Named for Gerald Strickland, Baron Strickland of Sizergh Castle (1861-1940) who was governor of three Australian states: Tasmania 1904-1909; Western Australia 1909-1913 and NSW 1913-1917.
  • Sturt Street/Lane, KINGSFORD
    Named for Charles Sturt (1795-1869), explorer.
  • Sully Street, COOGEE
    Name changed from Dunningham Avenue.
  • Surfside Avenue, CLOVELLY
    Presumably named because of its location.
  • Susan Street
    Became Clovelly Road on 24 January 1927.
  • Sydney Street, RANDWICK
    Named for the township of Sydney which in turn was named for the British Home Secretary, Thomas Townshend Sydney, 1st Viscount (1733-1801).
  • Tedwin Avenue, KENSINGTON
    A combination of Ted and Winnie, from names of real estate agents, Moore and Winkel.
  • Todman Avenue, KENSINGTON
    Originally called Randwick Avenue with the section between Anzac Parade and Doncaster Avenue known as Sloper Street until 12 September 1929. The street west of Anzac Parade was originally called Dowling Street. Renamed for GF Todman who owned much the land in this area.
  • Tasman Street, PHILLIP BAY
    Probably named for the Tasman Sea or Abel Tasman (c.1609-1659), a commander with the Dutch East India Co. who discovered New Zealand and Tasmania and also made the first charts of large sections of the Australian coast.
  • Tay Lane and Street, KENSINGTON
    Originally called Ireland Street.
  • The Avenue, RANDWICK
    Open parklands in the early days made it resemble the drive leading to a large estate. Today it still retains this element. Formerly called John's Lane (south part) and Cross Street (north part). Renamed in 1899.
  • The Boulevarde, MALABAR
    A French word meaning a broad avenue.
  • The Causeway, MAROUBRA
    A raised roadway. This road runs along the edge of a steep slope.
  • The Corso, MAROUBRA
    An Italian name for a road or pathway, usually leading to the water.
  • The Serpentine, KENSINGTON
    Based on the lake in the London suburb of Kensington.
  • Thorpe Street, CLOVELLY
    Named for Freddy Thorpe, prominent in the life-saving movement. Formerly called Brook Street.
  • Titania Street, RANDWICK
    Named for the Queen of the Fairies in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Todman Avenue,KENSINGTON
    Previously known as Sloper Street.
  • Torrens Street, MATRAVILLE
    Named for one of the founders of Adelaide, Sir Robert Richard Torrens (1814-1884), instigator of the Torrens system of land title and premier of South Australia in 1857.
  • Torrington Road, MAROUBRA
    Possibly named for the small town in Lincolnshire, England
  • Tower Street, CLOVELLY
    So named because the site overlooked Mundarrah Towers. Formerly called Ocean Street.
  • Tram Lane, RANDWICK
    On tram route to Randwick and Coogee.
  • Tramway Lane, RANDWICK
    Name received from nearby Randwick tram workshops.
  • Tramway Crescent
    Became McLennan Avenue, RANDWICK on 12 September 1928.
    Dedicated as a reserve May 1879.
  • Tressider Avenue, KINGSFORD
    Named for EP Tressider, a Randwick Council alderman in the 1920s and Mayor of Randwick 1922, 1923, 1924 and 1926.
  • Truscott Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Named for 'Bluey' Truscott of the legendary wartime Kittyhawk 76 Squadron.
    Originally called College Street. Renamed 29 May 1928 for the small town in England. The name was selected by Council on the suggestion of TM Metcalf, a builder who lived in Gale Road and owned land in Tunstall Avenue.

Street names U-V

  • Uralla Place, COOGEE
    An Aboriginal word with various meanings: big hill; camp; running water.
  • Vale Street, CLOVELLY
    Named for a local builder named Vale. Adjoins what used to be the Arden Vale Estate.
  • Vicar Street, COOGEE
    Formerly called Victoria Street.
  • Victoria Street, RANDWICK
    Named for Queen Victoria (streets nearby are named Albert and George).
  • Victory Street, CLOVELLY
    Named for Nelson's flag ship. Formerly called Nelson Street.
  • Villiers Street, KENSINGTON
    Possibly named for Victor Albert George Child Villiers, Earl of Jersey who was Governor of NSW 1891-1893.
  • Virginia Street, KENSINGTON
    Close to Wills tobacco factory site at Raleigh Park so probably named for American colony from which Sir Walter Raleigh brought tobacco to England.

Street names W-Z

  • Wackett Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for Lawrence Wackett (1896-1982), pilot and designer of aircraft. One of 12 qualified pilots with whom Australian entered World War I. Returned to Australia in 1921 and revamped a disused army property on the corner of Avoca Street and Frenchman's Road to design aeroplanes.
  • Wade Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for Sir Charles Wade (1863-1922), who was premier of NSW 1907-1910.
  • Wallace Lane and Street, KINGSFORD
    Formerly known as Rainbow Lane.
  • Walsh Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Named in 1936 for Sam Walsh, the first ALP member to serve as an alderman with Randwick Council during the 1930s.
  • Waltham Street, COOGEE
    Formerly called Francis Street.
  • Wansey Road, RANDWICK
    Formerly known as Bourke Street.
  • Waratah Avenue, RANDWICK
    Named for the plant.
  • Warburton Street, CHIFLEY
    Named for Peter Egerton Warburton (1813-1889), explorer.
  • Wassell Street, CHIFLEY
    From Franklin Street to Bunnerong Road known as Togo Road until 1942. Renamed for the local hardware business family of Wassell.
  • Waterside Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Beside the water.
  • Wauhope Crescent, COOGEE
    Named for a former chief health inspector with Randwick Council.
  • Waverley Street, RANDWICK
    Presumably named for the neighbouring municipality.
  • Wentworth Street and Lane, RANDWICK
    Named for William Charles Wentworth (1790-1872) who accompanied Lawson and Blaxland on the first crossing, by white men, of the Blue Mountains in 1813. Prominent member of colonial society Wentworth bought land at Coogee at auction in 1834-1835.
  • White Avenue, MAROUBRA
    Shortened from Lloyd White Avenue in 1970. Lloyd WB White was a Randwick Council alderman in the 1950-1960s.
  • White Street, RANDWICK
    Named for Hon. James White (1828-1890), MLA, who was responsible for enlarging Newmarket stables. Had a reputation of being a winner of important races. White was a pastoralist and racehorse owner and breeder.
  • Wild Street and Lane, MAROUBRA
    Named for Tom A. Wild, a Randwick Council alderman in the 1920s and a former president of the Maroubra Surf Club.
  • Wilkes Avenue, MATRAVILLE
    Named for Charles Wilkes (1798-1877), American naval officer who led an expedition to the Antarctic between 1838-1842 but did not manage to land there.
  • Willis Street and Lane, KINGSFORD
    Possibly named for Henry Willis, an alderman with Randwick Council in the 1890s and later became Speaker in the State Legislative Assembly and a member of the first Commonwealth parliament.
  • Willis Avenue, CHIFLEY
    Named for William John Wills (1834-1861), an explorer who, with Robert O'Hara Burke, became the first European to cross Australia from south to north in 1860-1861.
  • Wilson Street, MAROUBRA
    Presumably named for RE Wilson, a Randwick Council alderman 1920-1940s. Formerly called Wentworth Road.
  • Winchester Road, CLOVELLY
    Named for the place in Hampshire, England.
  • Wise Street, MAROUBRA
    Named for BR Wise (1858-1916), MLA 1887-1900; MLC 1900-1908 and Attorney-General in the See ministry.
  • Woli Place, MALABAR
    Aboriginal word meaning native camp.
  • York Place, KENSINGTON
    Named for the city in England.
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