Other approvals overview

More works that need Council approval

In addition to the planning and building related approvals required under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, other approvals are required for certain ancillary activities located upon or affecting a public road, footpath or other public land.

These requirements are mostly contained in the Roads Act 1993 and/or the Local Government Act 1993.

Activities that need to be formally approved

The following list details some common works and activities undertaken on public land that will generally require a separate application to be made to Council under the Roads Act and/or Local Government Act.

This list provides links to their various pages and/or the access to download the relevant application forms.

Further information regarding other applications and approvals may be obtained from Council's Customer Service Centre or by telephoning Council's Call Centre on 1300 722 542.

Works already covered by a development consent

In some cases, a Development Application (DA) made under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act may incorporate approvals required under the Roads Act and/or Local Government Act (e.g. applications for footway dining).

However, if the ancillary approval is not specifically incorporated in the development application and consent, it will be necessary to make a separate application to Council after obtaining your development consent.

Traffic management

If your proposal will affect traffic on a public road, you may be required to lodge a Construction Traffic Management Plan and/or a Traffic Control Plan.

Construction Traffic Management Plan

A Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) is often required in conjunction with a development application. It details the management of construction traffic during each stage of the development i.e. demolition, excavation, construction, fitting etc. The CTMP may include standard Traffic Control Plans.

For further information, please refer to the Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) Standard Requirements checklist or contact Council's Integrated Transport Department on 9399 0556.

Traffic Control Plans

Traffic Control Plans (TCPs) are required to ensure that the temporary traffic arrangements established on public roads effectively guide, warn and instruct road users as to the works that are occurring. They are also required to provide a safe work area for the people working in and around moving traffic.

All TCPs are required to comply with Australian Standard AS 1742.3 (2009) Manual of uniform traffic control devices - Traffic control for works on roads.

Any queries regarding CTMPs or TCPs may be directed to Council's Integrated Transport Department.

Work zones

A work zone is usually required to be implemented to facilitate delivery of goods and materials to major construction sites.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges apply for the assessment and determination of all applications and approvals, as detailed in Council's adopted Fees and Charges.

Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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