Eco Living Festival will have loads of activities, talks and tours we hope you’ll be part of! Here’s five talks that we hope you'll enjoy! Take action - join in! See you there, Sunday 18 September.

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Five talks not to miss at our Eco Living Festival

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This year's Eco Living Festival will have loads of activities, talks and tours! Here’s five talks we hope you'll enjoy - just show up on the day to be part of it. The following talks will all take place in the Outdoor Classroom at Randwick Community Centre. Take action - join in! See you there, Sunday 18 September.

10am: What is Scrumping?

Have you heard of this quirky hobby? Scrumping is the act of hunting down food in public places. In this talk, Julian Lee, Randwick Council’s own self-confessed scrumper, will cover off some of the basics of scrumping. First, he’ll discuss what it is, how to do it, as well as the many positives associated with scrumping, such as getting fresh air, meeting your neighbours and how you can contribute to the scrumping craze. Plus, Julian will talk about 'Scrumpers Delight', a community mapping project that shares the joy of scrumping by identifying the location of fruit trees across Sydney.

Scrumping will teach you how to find food in public places.

11am: Native Bees – what you need to know!

Have you wanted to learn more about beekeeping, particularly with Australian Native Bees? Join Gavin Smith from Sydney Bee Club for a talk about our own native bees, why they’re important, what a hive looks like inside and how to keep your very own native hive at home.

Learn about keeping a native bee hive at home.

12pm: How to buy organic food in Randwick City

Join Danielle Northey from Organic Buyer’s Group for a chat about how to buy organic food right here in Randwick City. Danielle will discuss what’s happening with food at the market, why organic food is good food, harnessing the power of community and how a Buyer’s Group works. This popular event will look at starting your own Organic Buyer’s group and building a community and connections.

1pm: How to finance a greener future

If you have super, shares or use a bank, then you can help to protect Australia’s climate future by holding the custodians of your money to account. This workshop will inform and empower residents to take action to ensure investments are made in clean, green initiatives, rather than supporting climate-wrecking coal, oil and gas activities. This talk will be led by JewSI (Jewish Sustainability Initiative) a community volunteer group that influences businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and Market Forces, which works to empower community to drive finances away from activities that harm our environment.

2pm: Book launch! Earth Restorer’s Guide to Permaculture

With decades of hands-on teaching experience in a wide range of settings and circumstances, Rosemary Morrow brings a lifetime of global knowledge to this completely revised and updated edition of her classic text, Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture. From its origins in Australia, to now being a global movement, permaculture has provided an ethical and environmental design framework for personal and household self-reliance, rural resettlement and community development.

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Last Updated: 23 August 2022
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