Eco Living Festival

20 Sept - 24 October 2021
Take action! Join in!

Watch recorded sessions here

Thank you to everyone involved in Randwick City Council’s Eco Living Festival 2021 from all you participants to event hosts and council staff. When taking action on Climate Change its important to trust that small steps can make a big difference. Celebrating all things green, the four-week festival aimed to encourage participants around Australia to feel confident to create sustainable lifestyles and make choices that protect our environment.

We have available for viewing, all the presentation resources and links to the event recordings for over 20 talks and tours. There's something for everyone with various themes to explore our coastline, understand ecosystems, reduce waste and get up-to-date with climate change.

To view the recordings, visit our You Tube channel link and you can view information below about each event on its YouTube page.


Week 1: 20 – 26 September - Discovering our coast
Discover the unique marine life along our 29 kilometres of coastline and how you can protect and care for them.

Highlights: Rockpool ramble, marine life touch tanks, cultural coastal walks. Hear Dr Rip talk about the science of our tides and origins of our favourite beaches plus the famous purple dye to show how to read a rip.

Week 2: 4- 10 October - Bees, bugs and biodiversity
Birds, beetles, bugs, bees, marsupials, trees, soil and more all form a wonderfully biodiverse web across Randwick City. Learn how nature is providing free ecological services all around us and what you can do to help.

Week 3: 11-17 October - Reduce your waste|
Learn practical ways to reduce waste at home. How is your FOGO (Food organics Garden Organics) bin going? Get the latest tips and updates. Is de-cluttering still something to do on your wish list? And where can you take it? Learn to cut down on your waste.

Highlights: FOGO with Costa! Recycling right, Re-think your wardrobe, Live with Less workshops.

  • What to Plant Where – cooling solutions for homes – Macquarie University slide handout
  • FOGO Tips (Food Organics Garden Organics) – Gardening Australia expert Costa Georgiadis slides

Week 4: 18 – 24 October - Climate Change explained
Is there a truth on climate change? Come away with some key actions to change the world (and a few to save money off your bills)!

Highlights: “I Am Greta” inspired discussion about climate change champion, Greta Thunberg and the youth impact on climate change. Find out about roof top solar, electric vehicles and join a personal conversation with Jonica Newbry, (ABC’s Catalyst) on understanding climate despair.

Randwick City Council's Environment Strategy

The environment is at the centre of Council’s commitment to achieving a sense of community.

Caring for our environment requires all of us to do the little things that make a difference. The accumulation of these individual actions will create the critical mass we need to meet the challenges of Climate Change and a depleting resource base.

Randwick City's Environment Strategy commits Council to work with and embed the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals across our operations and ensure circular economy principles and Climate emergency considerations are incorporated across corporate policies, strategies and purchasing.

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