School zones

Keeping your children safe around schools

To help make our school zones safer for your children, Randwick City Council has utilised Transport for NSW resources and created a road safety awareness program.

Our Kiss and Go zones help with parking around the area and we are always working towards new safety campaigns and innovations for improved school zone safety.

Did you know? A pedestrian has an 87% chance of survival when hit at 40km/h or less, but this drops to less than 7% when the impact speed is 70km/h or more.

What are the speed limits around schools?

A speed limit of 40km/h applies around every school in Randwick City. This applies during school days from 8am to 9.30am in the morning and from 2.30pm to 4pm in the afternoon, but you should always drive carefully at all times. Please remember to reduce your speed by at least 10km/h in bad weather.

To see gazetted school dates and terms please visit the NSW Board of Studies website.

Safety around schools

We are regularly looking at ways to address road safety issues around schools. Everyone can make our roads safer by observing speed limits and parking signs at all times. Below are some things we can do to make the roads safer.

Transport for NSW have updated their information on safety around schools for parents. The brochure can be accessed through their website.

The Transport for NSW website also has some excellent information for schools and parents about addressing road safety issues.

Walking to school is the safest, healthiest and cheapest way to get to school. If you walk to school you don’t add to congestion around schools, you won’t be fined for parking illegally, you can role model safe behaviour and you keep active. It also helps to reduce the stress of finding somewere to park.

We need to keep children safe in traffic

Kids are not ready to be left unsupervised in the road environment until they are at least 10 years old because: .

  • They don’t understand the dangers and risks involved
  • Children are unpredictable and difficult for drivers to see
  • Kids cannot judge the speed or distance of oncoming cars.

Remember to role model safe behaviour when you are supervising children around traffic. Don’t step onto the road between parked cars. Hold their hand whenever you cross the road and talk to you children about safe behaviour, on or near the road.

Reminders for driving safely around schools

We have prepared a few handy reminders for driving safely around schools:

  • Always drive at or below 40km/h in a school zone
  • It is illegal and unsafe to use hand held mobile phones while driving
  • Leave a 3 second gap between your car and the car in front. This gives you time to react if something unexpected happens.

Double parking around schools

Double parking is illegal and dangerous as it reduces visibility and blocks the road for other drivers.

We understand it is a busy time and there is limited parking but we encourage you to be patient and take care. Please use the supervised kiss and go zones to help with school pick up and drop off or park your car a few streets from the school and walk to collect your children.

No Parking in Kiss and Go zones

No Parking restrictions are used in Kiss and Go zones. No Parking allows you to stop for a maximum of 2 minutes to pick up passengers or goods. The current penalty for stopping for longer than 2 minutes in a No Parking school zone is $191 and 2 demerit points.

Please don’t wait in the zone for longer than two minutes. It is better to arrive to collect your children after the school zone has begun operating to reduce the risk of being booked and to limit the time queueing.

No Parking means No Parking corflute posters

Randwick City Council has A3 corflute posters available for schools to post on fences to remind parents of the rules associated with No Parking zones. Please contact council’s Community Road Safety Officer if you would like these resources.

School buses and school bus zones

Parking in bus zones puts lives at risk. Keep in mind there is also a 40km/h speed limit for traffic passing a school bus that is picking up or setting down school children.

Penalties for offences in school zones

There are  penalties for breaking the road rules in school zones, which includes loss of demerit points and fines. These fines have been set by Transport for NSW and are there to help make the roads safer for your children.

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