Weed Management

Common to many urban environments, the presence of weeds can present a threat to biodiversity within our bushland reserves, parks and gardens.

A weed is defined as “a plant out of place”.

Weeds are very context specific. In bushland we consider any plant which is not historically part of a given ecosystem a weed, thus even a non-local native plant may be a weed outside of its natural range. To provide clarity we use the term “indigenous plant” to refer to those plants which are naturally a part of the ecosystems which occur in our area.

Removing weeds forms a large part of what we do to manage and protect bushland. Work priorities are based on the level of threat a given weed may present to the overall functioning of an ecosystem.

Some weeds are considered such a widespread threat that their control or removal is required by law.

You can find a list of the Priority Weeds for the Greater Sydney Region here: https://weeds.dpi.nsw.gov.au/WeedBiosecurities?AreaId=110

Information on Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) can be found at: https://weeds.org.au/weeds-profiles/

Comprehensive information on the identification, impact, management and removal of many of the weeds found locally can also be found at https://weeds.org.au/ or www.sydneyweeds.org.au.

Here are some examples of key environmental weeds found in Randwick City

Environmental weeds in Randwick City

The following table lists some of the main environmental weeds in this area.

Common nameBotanical name
African LovegrassEragrostis curvula
African OliveOlea europaea subspecies: africana
Asparagus FernProtasparagus aethiopicus
BambooArundinaria spp. Bambusa spp. Phyllostachys spp.
Camphor LaurelCinnamomum camphora
Century PlantAgave americana
Cobbler's PegsBidens pilosa
CotoneasterCotoneaster spp.
Crofton WeedAgeratina adenophora
Fishbone FernNephrolepis cordifolia
GazaniasGazania spp.
Japanese HoneysuckleLonicera japonica
Lion's TailLeonotis leonurus
Madeira VineAnredera cordifolia
Mickey Mouse BushOchna serrulata
Mirror BushCoprosma repens
Morning GloryIpomoea indica
Morning Glory, CoastalIpomoea cairica
Mother-of-millionsBryophyllum delagoense
Moth VineAraujia sericiflora
Noogoora BurrXanthium occidentale
Pampas Lily of the ValleySalpichroa origanifolia
Panic VeldtgrassEhrharta erecta
PennywortHydrocotyle bonariensis
Senna or CassiaSenna pendula var glabrata
Turkey RhubarbAcetosa sagittate


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Last Updated: 28 March 2023
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