Update your name & address

Update your details with Council

Please fill in a Change of name & address form to change personal details like:

  • name and title
  • contact details
  • mailing address

DX Box Closure

We closed our DX Box on 30 June 2021
Please forward all correspondence to: 30 Frances Street Randwick NSW 2031

Property managing agents please complete the Managing Agency Details and Declaration to declare you have authority to receive/collect property related information and pay rates on behalf of the owner(s). Without this declaration, the change of address request will not be processed.

Property owners please note the legal responsibility for all associated outstanding amounts including Rates, remains, at all times, with the legal Title Owner(s) of the Property.

There are several ways to update your name and address details with the Council. The change of name & address form can be:

Restrictions to changing names

If you are a property owner / ratepayer you cannot use this form to change the name that appears on your Rates notice. This is because our records reflect the name that is held on the Certificate of Title for your land.

To change your name on your Rates notice you will need to officially change your name on your land title first. Contact NSW Land Registry Services for further information or call us on 1300 722 542 and ask to speak to one of our Name and Address Registry (NAR) Officers.

If a debtor account is associated with a legal contract or lease, changes to the debtor name will require a new agreement.

Application to mark Estate of Late

To advise council about the deceased please email council@randwick.nsw.gov.au or write to council at 30 Frances Street Randwick NSW 2031 with:

  • the complete name
  • last address of residence
  • details of property(s) owned or accounts held at council
  • and a copy of the death certificate.


Please note you will need to go into the library to validate your change of address or name change with physical documents - a recent letter or bill with the new address is acceptable. For further inquiries please call the library on 9093 6400.

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