Rubbish collection calendar

Collection dates for rubbish, recycling and more

To find your next rubbish or recycling collection date, please enter your address in the interactive waste collection date map, and details regarding your next collection date will be shown below. Here you will see information about your rubbish, recycling, garden waste bin collection and household scheduled clean-up collection.

Know your Zone

Randwick City Council area is divided into 22 waste collection zones. To find your zone, simply type in your address in the interactive waste collection date map - your zone and collection days will be shown.

Waste calendars by zone (January to February 2021)

Once you've found your zone, download your calendar for the year:

Request a Waste collection Calendar

If you would like a digital or hard copy of the waste collection calendar posted to you, please contact our call centre team on 1300 722 542.
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