Community safety

Crime prevention and community safety in Randwick

Community safety is everyone's responsibility. Council plays an important role in guiding and managing the environment in which we live and work. Council works at the community level to influence many of the things that affect how people live. However, community safety requires a whole-of-community approach. Preventing crime is not the sole responsibility of any one agency. For example, the primary role of the Policies to respond to crime, detecting and arresting offenders. The Council and the community's contribution, should be to reduce the potential for criminal activity within their spheres of influence. This can be achieved in two ways:

  • Making it harder for crime to be committed; and
  • Reducing the opportunities that motivate offenders to commit the crime

The Council's crime prevention and community safety plan, entitled A Safer Randwick City provides the framework for dealing with this important issue.

Public Safety CCTV Cameras

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) is part of Council's crime prevention initiative for a safe environment in Randwick City for residents and visitors.

The aim of CCTV in Randwick City is to:

  • reduce crime levels and the fear of crime by deterring potential offenders
  • assist in detecting and prosecuting offenders
  • help secure a safer environment for residents and visitors

Randwick City Council has installed a number of CCTV cameras at Goldstein Reserve, Coogee.

Balancing privacy with crime prevention

In order to achieve a balance between crime prevention interests and rights and privacy of individuals, Council has developed a draft Code of Practice for the use of CCTV at Coogee and other future sites in the City.

You can download the CCTV Code of Practice PDF, 267.67 KB

CCTV enquiries

Enquiries in relation to the the CCTV in Randwick City and its operation can be made:

In writing:
The General Manager
Randwick City Council
30 Frances Street

Council's Call Centre on 1300 722 542.


In person:
Council's Customer Service Centre at 30 Frances Street, Randwick between 8.30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Crime statistics

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) is the official source of NSW crime statistics. BOCSAR conducts research into crime and criminal justice  evaluates initiatives designed to reduce crime re-offending.

Other community safety issues

Follow the links below for information on other community safety programs and issues.

Safety around dogs

Safety around dogs is something we can never be complacent about. There are legislative requirements around restricted and dangerous dogs, and fines for dog offences.

Fire safety

Fire safety is also an important issue, and there are requirements for houses and other buildings to have smoke alarms and other protective devices.

Water safety

The SES Multicultural Water Safety Committee has created a useful directory of services PDF, 1952.64 KB and groups to help you stay safe in the water.

Hate Crimes

Council supports the eradication of Hate Crimes, visit the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Sydney Institute of Criminology websites for more information.

Our Safety Plan

The Council's crime prevention plan, called A Safer Randwick City PDF, 11423.31 KBcontains a section that captures all the issues and actions aimed at created a safer community. Our safety plan deals with issues which have an impact on our resident's general well-being. Issues discussed in this section include Anti-social behaviour, Safety in parks and recreation areas, Road and traffic safety and Vehicle and alcohol related public nuisances.

Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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