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Randwick City Arts & Culture Strategy

Randwick Council’s Arts and Culture Strategy is an informing strategy for Council’s ten-year plan. It was produced based on the Arts and Culture Study written by Studios TCS and the Community Consultation conducted in 2019 by Council’s Communications team. It will integrate with the other informing strategies and will prioritise and streamline arts and cultural development in Randwick City.

You can view Council's Arts & Culture Strategy online.

Art & Culture study

In 2019 Studio TCS was commissioned to develop a study that looked at Arts & Culture in Randwick City and recommended opportunities to further enhance Arts & Culture in Randwick City.

The purpose of the Study was to investigate and identify clear examples of how arts and cultural programs can support community engagement and strengthen the social, cultural and economic development of Randwick City. The Study serves as an authoritative reference document in the preparation of the Council’s Arts and Culture Strategy. The study’s recommendations reflect the arts and cultural aspirations of the City’s key stakeholders and, importantly, provide a strategic basis for future cultural projects and programming activities.

The study was issued as a basis to inform the Arts & Culture Strategy developed in 2020/21.

You can view Council's Art & Culture Study PDF, 7962.22 KB online.

Public art strategy

Council's Public Art Strategy provides a framework for the Council's planning and decision making in relation to the commissioning and acquisition of public art, as well as its ongoing care and maintenance.

You can view Council's Public Art Strategy PDF, 739.67 KB PDF, 739.67 KB online.

Community Creative Investment Program

Supporting creative arts and cultural projects

Community Creative is an investment stream of the Community Investment Program and aims to support the growth of creativity within Randwick City by funding a range of projects, programs and activities that provide opportunities for individual creative practitioners, groups or organisations to connect communities and showcase creative arts and culture within the city.

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Arts & Cultural Advisory Committee 

The Randwick City Council Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee provides an opportunity for people from arts and cultural backgrounds to get involved in helping Council make informed decisions on Arts and Cultural matters including public art.

Council is re-forming the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee (ACAC) and is calling on local arts and cultural practitioners to apply for membership. The ACAC provides an opportunity for people with creative backgrounds and expertise to participate in discussion and provide input on arts and cultural matters in the Randwick LGA, and to make recommendations to Council. Both new and former members are encouraged to apply.

Arts and Culture Advisory Committee Application Form 2022

All applications must be submitted before Friday 17 June 2022. Late applications may not be considered.

Last Updated: 25 October 2022
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